April 26 , 2017

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Talent Management Lessons and Strategies From the World Series

The World Series is over and the San Francisco Giants won. Whether you are happy or upset with the outcome, you should analyze what it took for them to win and determine what talent management lessons can be learned. Major league baseball has always been a leader in measuring employee performance, developing precise measures that look at every aspect of ... Read More »

Evaluating HR Through a CEO’s Eyes

Most HR measurements miss the boat! Many HR departments say they are a “business partner,” but few can provide any real evidence that they are having a strategic business impact. After years of studying CEO expectations of HR I’ve compiled a list of the kind of questions CEO’s might want answered about how their “human resources” give them a measurable ... Read More »

Agile Talent Management Is Required During Turbulent Times

Many corporate practitioners and HR consultants talk about being more strategic, but then turn around and focus on incremental improvements to strategies, models and practices decades old. When most, if not all, of the practices that form the foundation of the typical HR function today were conceived, times were different. Economic cycles have become more volatile, the nature of work ... Read More »

Authenticity: Do You Really Think Applicants Believe That Crap on Your Corporate Site?

You may think that the title of this article is a little unprofessional because it includes the word “crap.” If you think an alternate title like “increasing the readability of corporate messaging” would be more appropriate, you probably don’t fully buy into the concept of “authenticity.” Allowing frank language on your website sends a message to cynical jobseekers that lawyers, ... Read More »

Measuring Performance Across Your Total Workforce

Quality of hire is always a subject of much debate.  Some argue that most of the measures in use actually measure the quality of the hiring process versus the quality of the actual hires made.  We agree that some of these  hire-quality measures are more process oriented, but one thing that cannot be disputed is that the vast majority of ... Read More »

Win Program Excellence Awards to Enhance Your Employer Brand and Your Career

In my experience, there is no single action that has a greater impact on your employer brand image then by winning an external award for excellence in your people management programs. It is the equivalent to winning an Oscar for a movie. This external assessment sends a message to everyone heralding the quality of your work. Winning an award sends ... Read More »

Social Media: the Most Powerful Recruiting Tool Since the Telephone

A common question raised these days by senior HR leaders and business journalists pertains to the reality of social media empowered recruiting.  By asking if it is “real,” I presume they want to know if it is a fad or something that will dominate recruiting in five years. My answer is simple: using social media to support recruiting is not ... Read More »

The Future of College Recruiting Will Be Dominated by Market Research (Part 2 of 2)

In part one of this two part series I indicated that now is an opportune time to evaluate new strategies and tools with regard to college recruiting.  Leading talent functions in corporations around the globe are migrating their approach to college recruiting away from being a game of chance to a more serious function that embraces cutting-edge marketing and sales ... Read More »

The Future of College Recruiting Will be Dominated by Market Research (Part 1 of 2)

The current lull in college recruiting is an opportune time to evaluate new strategies and tools. It is no secret that the vast majority of organizations that recruit from college campuses globally do so tactically, employing little or no strategy.  To even the casual observer, the approaches used are predictable, pedestrian, and in some cases laughable, but all of that ... Read More »

How to Get Your Executives to Pay Attention to Metrics (Part 2 of 2)

Include an executive summary — if you must push out a lot of information, keep in mind that like you, busy executives don’t have the time to read an entire report, so be sure to include an executive summary highlighting the problems or opportunities that your metrics point out. Continue the story — in addition to reporting your successes through ... Read More »


Why Candidates Are Dropping Out of Your Hiring Process

As seen on Yello (March 31, 2017) by Tracy Kelly. HR industry thought leader and professor of management at San Francisco State University, Dr. John Sullivan, says the cost to candidate withdrawal is real; the lost investment is a drain on team resources. Your online application is too complicated Sullivan reports that at Fortune 500 firms, 9 out of ten ... Read More »