March 26 , 2017

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How to Get Your Executives to Pay Attention to Metrics (Part 2 of 2)

Include an executive summary — if you must push out a lot of information, keep in mind that like you, busy executives don’t have the time to read an entire report, so be sure to include an executive summary highlighting the problems or opportunities that your metrics point out. Continue the story — in addition to reporting your successes through ... Read More »

How to Get Your Executives to Pay Attention to Metrics (Part 1 of 2)

  Five Differentiators of Great Metrics Initiatives Most metrics initiatives kill the design phase upon selecting a final short list of “easy-to-provide” metrics. Unfortunately this approach assures mediocre results! Delivering “easy to provide” metrics is like writing a free newspaper to be delivered via those plastic cubes alongside major streets … the vast majority distributed end up as garbage littering ... Read More »

Real Time Location Recruiting: Using Emerging Technology to Meet Prospects

The scenario goes like this: while on your way to grab lunch you check out one or more of the location-based social networking apps (a.k.a. prospect locator apps) to see if any of the top talent you have been courting happens to be in the area. Within seconds, you have identified that a candidate you have been talking to for ... Read More »

Think Piece: The Only Competency That Will Matter Is Continuous Learning

Characterizing the Last 20 Years While the adoption of technology has certainly been a major driver of change, there are ultimately four characteristics that define the business environment of the last two decades. Those characteristics are: Continuous churn — frequent cycles of both rapid economic growth and contraction that forced organizations to acquire and shed both talent and entire businesses. ... Read More »

The Cost of a Bad Hire: Butts in Chairs and How to Convince Hiring Managers to Avoid Them

(Incidentally, the same arguments can also be applied to existing weak employees in cases where layoffs or terminations are being considered.) The Top 30 Arguments against Hiring … “Butts in Chairs” a.k.a. Warm Bodies, “C” Players and Homer Simpson Business Impacts of Butts in Chairs Lost productivity — a new hire who produces in the bottom quarter of employees in ... Read More »

Your Resume Is Boring — And How to Increase Your Career Opportunities

Over a decade ago, Fast Company magazine dubbed me the “Michael Jordan of hiring,” so if you want to have a resume as powerful and effective as Michael Jordan’s actually is, consider each of the checklist items that follow. Bolster the Content of Your Resume While an unusual format may garner a few seconds more of attention, it may also ... Read More »

Measuring the Quality of Those You Didn’t Hire – Are You Missing the Best?

Selecting HR Metrics Is Unfortunately Not a Scientific Process Most organizations adopt metrics based on those covered by benchmark reports or that can be easily enabled via their technology providers, instead of determining what they need to discover or prove. As a result, many organizations are burdened with data and reports that offer little in the way of guidance helping ... Read More »

Factors That Degrade Employee Referral Program Performance — Reducing Results from Great to Good

The Top 20 Employee Referral Program Performance Degraders Loss of a program manager — losing or failing to replace a program manager charged with championing the program and keeping it active can lead to disastrous consequences even for a short period of time. Solution: a resource, hold them accountable, empower them with program metrics, and educate them on key ERP ... Read More »

How to Recruit LeBron James … a Case Study on Recruiting a Game-changer Employee

Recruiting history was made this month. You may not be aware that last week marked the culmination of the most sophisticated recruiting effort executed in this century, one that will go down in history as a case study on how to recruit “game-changers.” The approaches used and the lessons to be learned are almost without comparison. If you want to ... Read More »


Revelation! Unconscious Bias Hurts Your Hiring Results Across All Candidates

One of the primary reasons why increasing amounts of technology are entering the recruiting space is the recognition that recruiters and hiring managers harbor a great deal of unconscious bias, which has a negative impact on a firm’s recruiting results. I live in the Silicon Valley, where in an effort to increase diversity hiring many high-tech firms have rushed to ... Read More »