April 25 , 2019

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Hiring A Targeted Innovator Requires Bold Approaches

The Top 30 Boldest Actions for Recruiting Individual Innovators. I just returned from the always powerful CoDev conference where a prime focus was on the difficulty of hiring and retaining innovators. Almost everyone agrees on the value of innovators but unfortunately, because of their design and their lack of boldness, most corporate recruiting processes simply cannot successfully hire a highly …

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Use a Salary Reopener Clause to Increase Your Offer Acceptance Rates

One of the most frustrating elements of recruiting occurs when after weeks of hard work, you have found an excellent candidate who is excited but you can’t get past the last sticking point: the appropriate starting salary. The candidate naturally wants more, but the company is often reluctant to offer more money because they are uncertain whether the new hire …

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The End of Sourcing is Near… the Remaining Recruiting Challenge is Selling

With the growth of the Internet, social media and employee referral programs, “finding talent” is becoming amazingly easy. In recruiting, we call finding talent “sourcing” and for nearly 3 decades sourcing has been the most important but difficult aspect of recruiting. After all, if you can’t “find” great talent, you certainly can’t interview and hire them. But finding top talent …

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High-impact Strategic Recruiting Metrics for WOWing Executives

The Top 18 Metrics for Recruiting Leaders It’s hard to find anything in recruiting that has failed to live up to its potential more than recruiting metrics. For nearly two decades recruiting leaders have poured resources into measuring recruiting success, and in most cases, the best that they have to show for it is being able to say “yes, we …

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Try Using Employee Referrals for Filling Internal Openings

Everyone knows that employee referrals produce high-quality external hires, but what most don’t know is that employee referrals can also be used to improve internal movement and placement. This boost is often sorely needed because most corporate job posting and promotion processes are poorly designed and managed. Smart HR managers should use Internal Employee Referral Programs (IERP) to provide high-quality …

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The Top 10 Strategic Talent Areas … Where Most Firms Do Nothing

There’s no better way to start out a new year than to take one or more strategic actions. On the surface, selecting a new strategic area may seem to be difficult because at established firms, it would seem as though all of the important talent management areas would have already been addressed (i.e. with a full-time leader, a written plan, …

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Understanding The Value Of Winning Functional Excellence Awards

The very best strategic Recruiting and Talent Management leaders are continually looking for ways to improve their results, their credibility and their business impacts. I have found that one of the most powerful tools for reaching those goals and for developing an excellent function is to apply for and win functional awards. Some mistakenly think that applying for awards is …

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Acqui-hiring – A powerful recruiting strategy that you’ve never heard of

The war for technical talent is so intense that a handful of firms like Google, Facebook, Cisco, Apple, Twitter and Zynga have shifted to a powerful but rare recruiting sub-strategy known as acqui-hiring. It involves established firms acquiring startup firms not for their products (only Facebook admits it) but instead primarily to capture an entire team of talented engineers and …

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