[Webinar] Employer Branding Techniques for Engaging Candidates Online

Learn best practices and the most modern techniques for attracting and engaging potential applicants.

If you’re struggling to get enough applicants for your open jobs, regardless of company size, you must move beyond simply posting open jobs. It’s time to realize that if your organization expects to succeed in attracting top talent in today’s ultra-competitive job market you need to add a focus on proactively building your external employer brand image. Employer branding will make your organization more visible, build interest, maintain that initial engagement with potential applicants and then it will help to convince them to apply for your jobs. A good employer brand image helps applicants literally feel the excitement and understand all the benefits of working at your organization. During this highly interactive topic, renowned recruiting and branding expert Dr. John Sullivan will highlight the best practices and the most modern techniques for attracting and engaging potential applicants.


  • Understanding the Power, the Many Benefits and the ROI of Employer Branding
  • Learn About the Attraction Factors and the Brand Pillars the Top Candidates Care About
  • Identifying the Most Effective Low-Cost Channels for Reaching and Engaging Your Targeted Prospects Including Social Media, Video, Texting, and Referrals
  • Highlighting Proven Best Practices in Employer Branding, Candidate Attraction, and the Candidate Experience
  • Easy to Implement Action Steps and Roadblocks to Avoid in Order to Strengthen Your Employer Brand Effort
  • Providing Answers to All Your Recruiting Questions

Invest in your development here with the Lorman Institute and Dr. John Sullivan.

About Dr John Sullivan

Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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