[Webinar] When You Must Land An Exceptional Candidate: White Glove Treatment Is Required

Learn how to implement a white-glove treatment for those candidates who are exceptional and retain their longing for employment.

In today’s extremely competitive recruiting marketplace, top candidates are much more likely to drop out or reject your offer if they don’t experience an exceptional candidate experience. Although the white glove treatment may cost more upfront, it has many benefits, including having top candidates remain until the end, reduced ghosting and an improved employer brand image. With higher offer acceptance rates, exceptionally performing and innovative new-hires, white glove treatment also provides a firm with a competitive advantage, because most firms simply don’t know how to raise the bar and to differentiate their candidate treatment.


What Is White Glove Treatment?

Why a White Glove/Red Carpet Treatment Is Required in Order to Land Exceptional Candidates

  • The Power and a Recruiting Relationship Have Shifted to the Candidates; the Best Ones Expect Special Treatment
  • The Record-Low Unemployment Rate Means That Candidates With the Right Skills Are Scarce
  • Top Candidates Now Get Multiple Offers
  • White Glove Treatment Minimizes the Chances That a Top Candidate Will Ghost You
  • Some Critical Jobs Like Cybersecurity, AI and Quantum Computing, the Need Is so High That It Justifies the More Costly White-Glove’s Treatment

The Business Case for Targeted White Glove Treatment

  • Encourages Top Candidates Not to Drop out of the Recruiting Process
  • Increases the Likelihood That Top Candidates Will Accept Your Offer
  • Helps Build Your External Brand Message That May Help to Attract Other Top Candidates
  • Will Result in Better Performing and More Innovative New Hires
  • Targeted White Glove Treatment Has a High ROI

The Key Elements of White Glove Treatment

  • Personalized Communications
  • More Candidate Input Into the Interview Process
  • Interview Scheduling That Respects an Employed Candidate’s Time
  • Exceptional Treatment During Candidate Visits
  • Wow Add-Ons to the Basic Offer, Including Work at Home Options and Sign-on Bonuses
  • Rewards and Incentives for Participating in the Hiring Process
  • Outlining Their Likely Trajectory and Career Development After They Accept
  • Having Team Employees Encourage the Candidate Throughout the Hiring Process
  • Understanding the Most Powerful Deal Closers and Deal Breakers
  • When Appropriate, Input Into the Content of Their New Job
  • A Shorter Time-To-Fill That Matches the Speed of Hire at Firms That Are Likely to Make a Competing Offer

Action Steps for Implementing This Approach

  • Highlighting Best Practices and Implementation Tips for Starting a White Glove Treatment Program
  • How to Handle Potential Resistance and Implementation Roadblocks

Understanding When White Glove Treatment Is Needed

  • Criteria for Determining Which Jobs and Which Candidates Require White Glove Treatment; Including Industry Icons, Innovators and Purple Squirrels

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