April 26 , 2017

College Recruiting

What’s Wrong With College Recruiting? Identifying Your Out-Of-Date Program Features

By Kimberly N. Do and Dr John Sullivan ERE August 10, 2015 What’s wrong with college recruiting? Well as a result of years of underfunding, the answer may, unfortunately, be “almost everything.” Nearly every organization is currently struggling to recruit its needed college talent, because after years of reduced hiring, the demand for college hires is up almost 10 percent ... Read More »

Recruiting High School and Non-degreed Top Talent — A Missed Corporate Opportunity

In case you didn’t hear about it, college football powerhouse Alabama recently offered a scholarship to eighth-grade football player Dylan Moses and LSU offered a scholarship to a ninth grader. Before you react in shock as a parent might, consider the fact that teenage talent may be the last remaining untapped corporate recruiting pool. Most corporate recruiting leaders wear blinders ... Read More »

The Top 20 Reasons Why Recruiting Is an Exciting and High-Impact Job

As a professor in a large business school, I am frequently asked, “What is the most exciting and impactful job in the corporate world?” While others may answer differently, to me the most exciting and impactful job is clearly recruiting. It is full of excitement because every day as a recruiter you are in a head-to-head competition to attract top ... Read More »

The Top 10 Best Approaches for Winning The ‘War For College Talent’

College recruiting has been in the doldrums during most of the economic downturn, and as a result there have been few strategic changes in it, even though the rest of the recruiting function has undergone major shifts during the downturn. And just in case you haven’t seen it yourself, I am predicting that college recruiting demand is about to explode ... Read More »

Revealing 3 Leading Edge Talent Practices From the Silicon Valley

Practices: The return of talent agents; HR owns M&A; and hiring without degrees Anyone who tracks advanced trends in talent management knows that many of them  originated in the Silicon Valley. However, you probably also know that many of the publicized practices that start in the Silicon Valley are so unique and even outrageous (like the free Sweets Shop that ... Read More »

The Business Case for Hiring College Grads — 32 Reasons They Can Produce a High ROI

  The Business Benefits of Hiring Recent College Grads The benefits are split into two categories 1) benefits to individual hiring managers and 2) benefits that may accrue to the entire firm over time. Note that the possible outcomes listed here are based partially on generalizations that cover many but not all top college hires. Shorter-term Benefits of Hiring College ... Read More »

The Future of College Recruiting Will Be Dominated by Market Research (Part 2 of 2)

In part one of this two part series I indicated that now is an opportune time to evaluate new strategies and tools with regard to college recruiting.  Leading talent functions in corporations around the globe are migrating their approach to college recruiting away from being a game of chance to a more serious function that embraces cutting-edge marketing and sales ... Read More »

The Future of College Recruiting Will be Dominated by Market Research (Part 1 of 2)

The current lull in college recruiting is an opportune time to evaluate new strategies and tools. It is no secret that the vast majority of organizations that recruit from college campuses globally do so tactically, employing little or no strategy.  To even the casual observer, the approaches used are predictable, pedestrian, and in some cases laughable, but all of that ... Read More »