College Recruiting

World-class College Recruiting Program – Characteristics of Strategic College Recruiting Systems

A checklist for assessing the quality of college recruiting programs and systems. Almost everyone in the employment field attempts to develop quality employment programs and systems. After studying hundreds of employment systems from Fortune 500 firms we have come up with a comprehensive checklist to use to assess the quality of any college recruitment system. This checklist can be used as …

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Innovative Strategies for Identifying/Finding the Best College Students

Holding interviews at a career center might get you a lot of students, but probably not the best ones you need to attract. Finding the very best students is actually quite easy if you use a focused strategy. Here are some advanced strategies that are guaranteed to help you identify the cream of the crop: Hire “on campus” representatives (students …

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Developing A World Class College Recruiting Program

Have a shortage of talent? Why not reinvent college recruiting and make it a prime recruiting source? Unfortunately most college recruiting programs were developed in the 1950′s – long before the age of technology. Universities and students have changed dramatically in the last few years, but most college recruiting programs still focus on “going to career centers and career fairs.” …

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