May 21 , 2018

Business Case and Metrics

The Definitive Article On Developing A Business Case – A Checklist Of “Power Factors” To Include

 Even though the Conference Board found that Human Capital is still the #1 global challenge facing CEO’s, you still hear the universal complaint from recruiting leaders that they are underfunded and simply don’t have the budget to do bold and exciting things in recruiting. I find that this lack of funding isn’t because recruiting doesn’t have a high impact, clearly ... Read More »

Do a Snapshot Assessment of Your Talent Function With These Powerful Business Impact Metrics

In a world where it’s easy to get a “snapshot assessment” of your personal physical health or your organization’s financial or IT security effectiveness, what could be more valuable than an easy-to-conduct executive level “snapshot assessment” of talent management and HR? Unfortunately I have found that most in HR are satisfied with a subjective or low-level tactical assessment, which instead ... Read More »

Strategic HR Metrics for a Global Organization

Why Utilize Metrics? While researching my book "HR Metrics, The World-Class Way," I found that many HR professionals realized a need for more metrics, but lacked the vision to create them. They didn’t have criteria for where to apply metrics or a methodology to figure out which activities it even made sense to measure. This need was a hot topic ... Read More »

Financial “Undercounting” in HR…What you Don’t Count Is Hurting You!

STOP COUNTING ONLY HALF OF THE REAL COSTS When times are tight, everyone is encouraged to reduce their budget, and budget cutting is not necessarily a bad thing.  Unfortunately, it can cause serious damage to an organization if the cuts reduce spending too far in one area and not enough in others. In the cases where HR budgets have been ... Read More »

Measuring the Effectiveness of Outsourcing

What Exactly Is A Metric? Metrics are measures of output or results.  While some managers use "words" to describe results, metrics require the use of numbers to more accurately "describe" output or performance. When they are correctly developed, metrics take away all doubt about what was and was not accomplished and whether the program actually met its goals.  The types ... Read More »

How to Keep Your HR Budget From Being Cut

It's all about productivity! Become an "HR Hero" HR needs to recognize (if it doesn't already) that during tight times the CFO and managers alike all want one basic thing. And that thing is… increased productivity which they define as results or outputs per dollar spent.  Incidentally they don't particularly care how it's done, as long as it is done. ... Read More »

The Case Against Outsourcing HR

There are many day-to-day "things" that can go wrong when outsourcing any portion of an organizations processes, let alone a major segment of any function.   It is not the purpose of this article to highlight each of them, but rather to take a step back and look at why, as a basic strategy, the use of outsourcing should be minimized. ... Read More »

Proving Things Work in Business – It’s Not That Hard

Start out by … Realizing most business managers didn’t get to where they are on “feelings and thinking.” They are numbers people. If you provide them with “ideas” without proof that your ideas will produce measurable results, they will not listen to you. Although they might say they are risk takers (actions speak louder than words) they want to take ... Read More »


Focusing on Cost Containment is Less Strategic than Driving Revenue Growth For the past decade the human resource function has operated under the myopic focus that process efficiency was the most critical deliverable in the enterprise.  While this misguided focus can be partially attributed to external pressure from the finance function and the budgeting process, such pressure can in most ... Read More »