May 21 , 2018

HR Technology

The Next Big Thing in HR – A Post-Text World Dominated by Voice and Video

As seen on TLNT. Among the buzz about new HR technologies, most miss what may literally become the most important shift — the death of narrative text. Yes, every other business function is already shifting to a post-text communications world that is dominated by video and voice. Of course, it’s no secret that since day one, HR has been providing ... Read More »

Keep Your Recruiting Job Despite Technological Advances And Economic Downturns

As seen on ERE Media (January 27, 2017). Warning: if you want job security as a recruiter, start preparing now Listen up. If you are a corporate recruiter, you need to be worried about your job security! Recruiters need to realize that the march of recruiting technology is inevitable and unstoppable. No, it won’t be in the next few months, but ... Read More »

Talent-Tech Is Hot … But Without a Vendor Assessment Checklist, A Bad Purchase Is Likely

Everyone is excited about the new technology options that pop up nearly every day in talent management and recruiting. Unfortunately, along with all of the excitement and the new capabilities, there are also many perils. One of the most common problems is when talent leaders or ad-hoc tech purchasing committees buy technology impulsively, without an in-depth assessment. They often rush ... Read More »

Recruiting Trends For 2016 And Their Supporting Best Practices, 2 Part series

What could be more important in a fast-moving world than keeping up with developing trends? Unfortunately, many in recruiting are so busy that they forget to set aside time to follow or act on these important emerging trends. The Many Benefits of Tracking Emerging Trends in Recruiting Not following trends can be a mistake because being first provides your firm ... Read More »

QR Codes: The Next Big Thing In Recruiting Technology?

If you are a recruiting leader or recruiter who is constantly on the lookout for new recruiting trends, practices, and tools, you have surely already heard of QR codes. QR codes are a second-generation barcode that allows potential candidates to quickly and directly access supporting materials and websites using only a camera equipped smartphone. QR codes have many uses, but ... Read More »

Are You Are Becoming A Technology Dinosaur?

Technology is evolving at the fastest rate in recorded history, and tools relevant to recruiters are not exempt. Every day a new piece of hardware, software, or service is announced that could be used to better support world-class recruiting. Staying abreast of evolving technology is difficult but essential for any savvy recruiter hoping to stay on top of efficiency and ... Read More »

Your Corporate Website Is Boring Applicants

The Current State In general, most corporate careers sites vary from boring to downright embarrassing. The vast majority of those in existence are essentially online brochures that are not very convincing or even informative. They currently serve as little more than a wrapper for a series of data entry screens that get applicants to enter the information required by the ... Read More »