May 20 , 2018

Talent Management Practice

Administering Your Talent Metrics To Ensure Success

By Dr John Sullivan ATC 10 Feb 2015 You can read part one of this article, here. In my article last week, I discussed the top design principles I believe you need if you are to successfully shift to a data-driven decision-making model in Talent Management. Shifting to a data-driven model brings your function into alignment with almost every business function, like supply ... Read More »

A Dozen Reasons The Netflix Maternity Leave Benefit May Be A Bad Idea

By Dr. John Sullivan TLNT August 19, 2015 Adding extraordinary benefits appears on the surface to be a generous move. I certainly support the practice, but corporate leaders need to realize that these extraordinary benefits can also, unfortunately, have many unintended negative consequences. There is a saying that “no good deed goes unpunished,” and if HR leaders do not precisely ... Read More »

Retention — The Top 10 Ways a Manager Can Identify Who Is About to Quit

There are few things that are more shocking to a manager then to have one of their top-performing employees suddenly quit on them. Some managers have described it as the equivalent to a “kick in the gut.” It is a shock not only because losing a key employee will damage your business results, but also because managers hate surprises, and ... Read More »

Understanding the Changing Economics of the Talent Marketplace

CHANGES IN THE BUSINESS WORLD THAT IMPACT TALENT NEEDS There have been several changes in the business environment in the last few years that fundamentally altered the way in which firms compete. In fact, what has happened is that "change" itself has changed. Today the business environment is changing faster and more frequently than ever before in the history of ... Read More »

HR Must Assume the Role of the “What Works” Best Practice Sharing Process

But Aren't Best Practices Shared Already? I had often suspected that within large corporations best practices in people management were not being shared throughout the organization, a suspicion that was later proven time and time again through my advisory work in the area of employment branding.  While working with such organizations as Agilent, Starbucks, Wegmans Food Markets, MGM Grand and ... Read More »

How Should HR React in the Aftermath of Terrorism Events?

Below is a list of potential business issues that may arise as a result of the events:  Potential employee fears and anxiety Employees may fear working in (or even near) tall buildings, especially landmark or symbolic buildings. Employees will likely fear taking commercial airline flights, especially out of major airports. Some may even refuse to fly. Employees in the New ... Read More »

An Action Plan For The Anniversary of September 11th

There is no catchall answer as to the exact actions corporations should take. Whatever you do, it must fit your culture and situation.  Individual managers and corporations need to allow their people the time and the flexibility they need to reflect, mourn, or just work through any anxiety that might occur on or around that day.  Managers can begin the ... Read More »

Helping Employees Handle The Stress of Heightened Terror Alerts

Why do you need to act? ·        present and potential employees will judge your firm based on your reaction to this issue ·        having stressed out or nervous employees coming in to work may actually be disruptive and actually be worse than letting them stay at home ·        even if workers do come in, breaking news and rumors during working ... Read More »