May 23 , 2019

Talent Management Practice

Helping Employees Handle The Stress of Heightened Terror Alerts

Why do you need to act? ·        present and potential employees will judge your firm based on your reaction to this issue ·        having stressed out or nervous employees coming in to work may actually be disruptive and actually be worse than letting them stay at home ·        even if workers do come in, breaking news and rumors during working …

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Preparing for the Upcoming War For Talent — How To Identify the “Leading Indicators” of an Upcoming

"Leading indicators or precursors are events or data points that generally occur shortly before an event materializes.” There are two types of warning signs for indicating that there is a coming upturn in employment.  The first group contains precursors that are internal to the company.  These precursors are generally changes in financial and operational ratios within the firm.  Once you …

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Stop Being Surprised (Workforce Planning) Part 1 of 2

It's an unforgiving world for those that don't plan. Times have changed. In the fast changing world of business and technology that we live in today, a failure to plan effectively can mean disaster. Why? Because we no longer live in the world of isolated companies and markets. In a global economy, when a major player stumbles, there is always …

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Assessing Your Ability to Develop Talent

The checklist is broken down into 14 different sections, each covering a unique set of talent development processes. I. MEASURING THE RESULTS AND IMPACTS OF TALENT DEVELOPMENT World-class talent development departments include these elements and characteristics in the design of their measurement systems: 1.      ROI — The ROI  or Cost/Benefit ratio of each major development initiative is calculated and reported …

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Developing A Strategic Staffing Performance Index

Why Using Metrics Is Essential In a highly competitive world dominated by performance driven organizations and CFO's that want to cut your budget, it is no longer optional to demonstrate your value. The environment dictates that everyone be accountable! If you are in a situation where “charm” has run out as an option, then it's probably time to consider switching …

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Given that businesses today are faced with greater and greater challenges, the ability to strategically leverage the benefits of an effective DRP can provide firms with a valuable competitive advantage. The global business arena is faced with overwhelming pressure for constant innovation and reinvention.  Successful DRP’s provide the potential to enable firms to acquire the human resources to effectively tackle …

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