March 26 , 2017

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Über College Recruiting: How Advanced College Recruiting Differs From Your Current Approach

Most Firms Utilize the Traditional Approach I estimate that 95% of corporate college recruiting programs follow the traditional model because everyone is familiar with it and they are simply comfortable using it. I sometimes call the traditional model the “career center focus” model because it relies so heavily on services offered by the career center, and very little on actual ... Read More »

Raiding Wall Street: Now Is the Time to Cherry Pick the Very Best

Target Top Performer and Innovator “Survivors” Who Hate Stagnation The obvious recruiting move would to be to target the thousands of financial professionals and MBAs who are about to lose their jobs. While that is OK, if you want to land a true “find,” my recommendation would be to instead target the “survivors.” Survivors are those top performers and innovators ... Read More »

The Economic Downturn Means That Hiring Freezes Will Soon Decimate Recruiting

A) Negative impacts on revenue and costs Obviously, not expanding your staff or keeping open positions vacant can save payroll dollars in the short term. However, such savings may actually present a false reality because freezes have many other unintended consequences that CFOs often fail to account for: Lost revenue. Across-the-board hiring freezes mean that critical revenue-generating and revenue-impact positions ... Read More »

Managing Recruiting During an Economic Downturn: The Top 10 Action Steps to Take

The Top 10 Advantages of Recruiting During Tough Times It’s quite common during periods of economic turmoil for CFOs to assume and declare that robust recruiting functions will not be necessary due to a surplus of talent becoming available as more and more firms engage in layoffs, consolidations, and the ceasing of operations. Well-known and respected firms like Deloitte have ... Read More »

The Google Recruiting Machine Rolls On With Google’s College Ambassador Program

The King of Employment Branding The recent collapse of the banking and financial markets has subdued much of the consulting and investment banking competition that Google once faced on campuses. Despite some turbulence, the high-tech industry is still a shining light in this economy, and Google is by far most students’ number-one choice of employers among high-tech firms. Recent research ... Read More »

Succession Planning: Why Recruiting Needs to Focus on Internal Movement (Part 1 of 2)

What is Succession Planning? Organizations use succession planning to help mitigate the risk of a vacancy occurring in key management and leadership roles that could impact the organization’s ability to perform. In more strategic organizations, the scope of succession planning is expanded to include high-impact and mission-critical roles throughout the organization. The activity looks at talent within (and in a ... Read More »

Succession Planning: Why Recruiting Needs to Focus on Internal Movement (Part 2 of 2)

Part B: Plan Output or Success Measures Group 3 – Output measures of plan success The best plans have goals (and measures) that cover each of these areas: Percentage of all management positions filled by internal candidates (this is the broadest measure of development success because it covers all management and leadership positions). A high rate of internal placement (vs. ... Read More »

Onboarding Program Killers: 15 Common Errors to Avoid

The Root of the Problem Most corporate onboarding programs are designed from the HR administrator’s perspective. The goal and focus is to ease the administrative burden on HR and to drive compliance activities, not to ensure that new hires can reach expected levels of productivity in the shortest time frame possible. As a result, most programs have boiled onboarding activities ... Read More »

Managing During an Economic Downturn Using a Talent Swapping Strategy

What Is A Talent Swapping Strategy? The concept of talent swapping is borrowed from the professional sports industry. In sports, winning is everything, and it is a common practice for team management to externally seek out a “superior” player in a key position to replace a struggling player. When the team finds an available star, they “SWAP” or replace their ... Read More »

Updating Your Employee Referral Program – ERE Community Q&A

ERE Community Q&A The questions proposed during the webinar covered a great many aspects of operating an employee referral program including: World-Class Program Design and Features Program Reward/Bonus Trends Diversity Impact Using Technology to Support the Employee Referral Program Specific Program Mentioned During the Webinar Questions on Program Design and Features What is your suggestion for dealing with a company ... Read More »


Revelation! Unconscious Bias Hurts Your Hiring Results Across All Candidates

One of the primary reasons why increasing amounts of technology are entering the recruiting space is the recognition that recruiters and hiring managers harbor a great deal of unconscious bias, which has a negative impact on a firm’s recruiting results. I live in the Silicon Valley, where in an effort to increase diversity hiring many high-tech firms have rushed to ... Read More »