February 25 , 2017

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Onboarding Program Killers: 15 Common Errors to Avoid

The Root of the Problem Most corporate onboarding programs are designed from the HR administrator’s perspective. The goal and focus is to ease the administrative burden on HR and to drive compliance activities, not to ensure that new hires can reach expected levels of productivity in the shortest time frame possible. As a result, most programs have boiled onboarding activities ... Read More »

Managing During an Economic Downturn Using a Talent Swapping Strategy

What Is A Talent Swapping Strategy? The concept of talent swapping is borrowed from the professional sports industry. In sports, winning is everything, and it is a common practice for team management to externally seek out a “superior” player in a key position to replace a struggling player. When the team finds an available star, they “SWAP” or replace their ... Read More »

Updating Your Employee Referral Program – ERE Community Q&A

ERE Community Q&A The questions proposed during the webinar covered a great many aspects of operating an employee referral program including: World-Class Program Design and Features Program Reward/Bonus Trends Diversity Impact Using Technology to Support the Employee Referral Program Specific Program Mentioned During the Webinar Questions on Program Design and Features What is your suggestion for dealing with a company ... Read More »

Updating Your Employee Referral Program — ERE Community Q&A Part 2 of 5

How do you ensure that you are getting quality referrals and aren’t just talking with people who aren’t the top talent and may never be a fit for the company? Almost all “first generation” referral programs suffer from low-quality referrals, primarily because they are not designed to produce anything but. “Next generation” ERPs contain elements that discourage both high-volume and ... Read More »

Updating Your Employee Referral Program — ERE Community Q&A Part 3 of 5

Questions on Reward Methodologies Any recommendations for paying after X number of days versus paying 50% up front and 50% after X number of days? That’s an easy one. Never ever delay payment — it’s a program killer. Try giving your kids their Christmas presents six months later in July, and see how happy they are with the idea. For ... Read More »

Updating Your Employee Referral Program – ERE Community Q&A, Part 4 of 5

Questions Related to ERP Impact on Organizational Diversity Some employers are paying an extra bonus for a diverse referral, but only on executive or exempt positions. How do employees perceive this? Does that make diverse non-exempt referrals seem less important? Tying ERP bonuses to the diversity of the referral is a rather rare practice, but one a growing number of ... Read More »

Updating Your Employee Referral Program – ERE Community Q&A, Part 5 of 5

  How is the Friends Program (Cisco) an employee referral program? The Friends Program, introduced by Michael McNeal in the late 1990s and no longer active at Cisco Systems, leveraged employees in a specific role to communicate with and excite possible applicants for similar roles who had indicated a potential interest in joining Cisco Systems via the corporate website, an ... Read More »

Develop a Friends Program to Better ‘Sell’ Your Targeted Talent

A Groundbreaking Program The concept was developed in the late 1990s at Cisco Systems by Michael McNeil, whom I consider to be the father of employment branding and modern marketing-based recruiting. The program is based on the premise that everyone wishes they had “a friend” inside a firm they could call and get the real, honest scoop on the job ... Read More »

Recruiting Strategies — Proximity Recruiting Using a Taco Truck

You Must Do Internet and Physical Recruiting Even with the tremendous growth of Internet recruiting, not everyone is actively surfing the Internet looking for a job or combing through their email in anticipation of your generic form letter introduction. Reaching a greater percentage of the population relevant to your job searches often requires using at least three channels to reach ... Read More »

A Christmas Card for Recruiters – Thank You for All That You Do

A “Christmas card” from a grateful new hire… I just wanted you to know that you are my hero! The Christmas season is an ideal time for me to say thanks to the people who made a difference in my life. Specifically, I want to thank you, “my recruiter” for… My job. No need to be subtle here, I owe ... Read More »


Revelation! Unconscious Bias Hurts Your Hiring Results Across All Candidates

One of the primary reasons why increasing amounts of technology are entering the recruiting space is the recognition that recruiters and hiring managers harbor a great deal of unconscious bias, which has a negative impact on a firm’s recruiting results. I live in the Silicon Valley, where in an effort to increase diversity hiring many high-tech firms have rushed to ... Read More »