June 25 , 2017

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Referral Cards Can Wow Those You Meet

Tips for Developing Compelling Referral Cards The use of cards in recruiting is a hot topic these days, in part because of the controversy related to a U.S. Army recruiter who placed his recruiting business cards in the pockets of camouflage-style pants at a Target store in South Carolina. Well, the mother of a 13-year-old boy who bought one pair ... Read More »

Leveraging Your Product Brand to Improve Recruiting

Like It or Not, You Have an Employment Brand Every firm has an employment brand because current and former employees, the media, bloggers, and others are constantly commenting on and spreading stories about what it's like to work at "your" firm. And, with the growth of the Internet, finding either positive or negative information about what it's like to work ... Read More »

Paying For Interviews: There Are Important Lessons To Be Learned Here!

Lessons Everyone Can Learn From NotchUp's Approach I have no relationship of any kind with NotchUp, but its approach is so brilliant that I puts its founders in my top 10 list of people who have a superior understanding of what it takes to attract fully-employed top performers (some mistakenly call them "passives"). The Washington Post reported that within a ... Read More »

Your Corporate Website Is Boring Applicants (Part III of IV)

Other Information-Gathering Elements for All Visitors In addition to assessing qualifications and capturing resume details, there is other information you should attempt to get from all visitors, whether they are active or passive, during their visit to your site. Elements under this feature include: Capture Their Job-Switch Criteria. This element requires applicants to list the criteria they would use when ... Read More »

How NOT to Hire Tiger Woods!

Finding a Tiger Woods is the Easy Part A common complaint among both hiring managers and recruiters is that they have difficulty in hiring top caliber talent like Tiger Woods. Some call these extraordinary individuals top performers, while others call them game changers or innovators. Regardless of what they are called, everyone understands that you need these unique individuals if ... Read More »

Increase Your Impact: Prioritize Recruiting on Revenue-Generating Positions

Calculating the Cost of a Vacancy in a Revenue-Generating Job A revenue-generating job is one that when vacant, no revenue is generated. Obviously, this category includes sales jobs, but it also includes a large number of jobs that can potentially halt the revenue stream if left vacant, like pilots or surgeons. It should be obvious to everyone that whenever you ... Read More »

Great Recruiters Correctly Classify Their Prospects

Classify According to Motives Develop a formal process for grouping prospects based on their reasons for looking or not looking for a job. The premise here is that you are currently missing out on some prime prospects. You are also wasting resources on some candidates because you have failed to identify and then classify these individuals based on their motives ... Read More »

Measuring Quality of Hire – The Ultimate Recruiting Metric

Why You Should Read This Regardless of what industry or industries your firm participates in, chances are your senior leadership is paying more attention than ever before to the impact talent has on productivity.  The increased scrutiny this visibility brings to the staffing function requires that staffing professionals and managers alike be able to demonstrate that they relied on sound ... Read More »

Outrageous Recruiting Using Avatars and YouTube

Outrageous Recruiting Becomes More Common In case you haven't heard, some the very best firms in recruiting like Google, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Bain Consultants, and even the U.S. Army have broken the mold of traditional recruiting. They have gone beyond traditional sources like job boards, newspaper ads, and career fairs to use "new media" like video games, YouTube videos, ... Read More »

Managers or Recruiters: Who Should Make The Contact Call?

Would you like to increase your call-back percentage from “hard to hire” target candidates to 100%? It’s easier than you think as long as you shift who makes the initial contact with these highly desirable but hard-to-contact candidates.   I’m a fact driven recruiter in a world full of “instinct,” ego, and emotion-driven recruiters. Data tells you what works and ... Read More »


Why Candidates Are Dropping Out of Your Hiring Process

As seen on Yello (March 31, 2017) by Tracy Kelly. HR industry thought leader and professor of management at San Francisco State University, Dr. John Sullivan, says the cost to candidate withdrawal is real; the lost investment is a drain on team resources. Your online application is too complicated Sullivan reports that at Fortune 500 firms, 9 out of ten ... Read More »