February 25 , 2017

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Remote College Recruiting, Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

In part one of this series I highlighted the many reasons why you should include remote college recruiting as part of your college hiring strategy. In part two, I will highlight action steps, tools, and approaches that you can use to identify and sell top college students remotely. Tools for Virtual College Recruiting (Identifying and Selling)   Finding people remotely ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

As recruiting continues to become more difficult, more and more companies are looking to reinvigorate their college recruiting programs and concentrate a greater percentage of external hiring efforts on entry-level professionals. If you are preparing to go that route, I suggest you look at some of the new approaches that comprise “remote” college recruiting. Many of these approaches produce three-times ... Read More »

55 Low-Cost Ways to Recruit Nurses

While many firms fight a war for talent, that phrase doesn’t adequately describe what goes on in the healthcare industry. For most industries, the war for talent is a temporary condition that will eventually end, but the battle to attract and retain talent in healthcare is a struggle that literally has no foreseeable end! In the good and bad economic ... Read More »

Hiring for This Job and Their Next Job

Hiring for a current need is actually pretty simple. The hiring manager defines some specific skills they need, recruiters then discount that profile by 30%, and then begins the process of sourcing, assessing, selecting, and closing an offer to an individual with the current skills and competencies. Historically, most organizations have focused on hiring individuals based solely on current need ... Read More »

Developing Bonus Systems for Rewarding Corporate Recruiters

When times are good and recruiting is booming, invariably recruiters wonder why there is no bonus plan for internal corporate recruiters. The impetus for their proposal stems from the fact that external third-party recruiters routinely receive bonuses based on their performance. In my experience, it is the incentive system that makes these recruiters superior to the typical corporate recruiter, just ... Read More »

Successfully Marketing Employment Products (Part Two)

Over the course of the last three weeks, we have laid out a model for managing the portfolio of job opportunities an organization produces similar to that used by organizations to manage their product/service portfolio.   This model repositions the employment opportunity as a product, one that can be defined, engineered, packaged, marketed, and sold just like any other product. ... Read More »

Successfully Marketing Employment Products (Jobs)

It happens to each of us nearly every day. We read something, act on the information, and find out later that the information we acted on deceived us in some way. An advertisement for a sandwich from a quick-service restaurant features a plump, juicy, perfectly grilled chicken breast stacked on a freshly baked sandwich roll with crisp lettuce, juicy, ripe, ... Read More »

Building Job Opportunities Capable of Attracting the Talent You Need

Last week we introduced the concept of an employment product manager, an individual who would oversee the development and positioning of employment opportunities using approaches similar to those used by product managers in a products company. This week we will turn our attention to the development of a prototype job description for such a role and explore where the role ... Read More »

How Do Your Employment Products Compare?

In the high stakes game of procuring the world’s best talent, organizations are increasingly realizing that positioning one’s self correctly in the labor market is essential to even being considered as a viable employer. While 10 years ago candidates may have trusted what employers had to say, today top talent is presented with a bevy of options that enable them ... Read More »


Revelation! Unconscious Bias Hurts Your Hiring Results Across All Candidates

One of the primary reasons why increasing amounts of technology are entering the recruiting space is the recognition that recruiters and hiring managers harbor a great deal of unconscious bias, which has a negative impact on a firm’s recruiting results. I live in the Silicon Valley, where in an effort to increase diversity hiring many high-tech firms have rushed to ... Read More »