March 25 , 2019

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A Think Piece: How HR Caused Toyota to Crash

In any situation where employees fail to perform as expected, investigators must determine if the human error could have been caused by factors beyond the employee’s control. Such external factors might include actions by senior management, lack of adequate information or job training, faulty inputs to the process, or rewards that incent actions not in line with documented goals. If …

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India Surpasses the U.S. in Global Recruiting Leadership

The Hotbeds of Evolution and Innovation are Shifting No one can argue that rapid growth of the technology sector in 1997 left many technology companies desperate for talent, and that desperation drove many charged with recruiting for such organizations to both collaborate and innovate new practices to help close gaps in supply and demand. While not cheap, importing labor and …

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Recruiting Lessons From the Olympics: Learning From Outside Your Box

You will never become a world-class recruiter if you restrict your learning to benchmarking against other similar corporate recruiting functions. Great recruiters can and do learn many things by studying completely different business functions like sales, marketing, branding, supply chain management, quality control, and customer relationship management. In addition, great recruiters proactively try to learn from non-business industries as well, …

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Recruiting for Innovators? Hire Angry People!

It’s About More than Passion Many firms already target passionate people who love their work, but passion by itself doesn’t always breed discontent for things that are no longer working as they should. Individuals who are professionally angry are often not only passionate, but also possess a relentless drive to innovate around practices and approaches that no longer accomplish what …

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Crowdsourcing: A Red-Balloon-Finding Contest Shows the Future of Recruiting

A Contest to Identify the Most Effective “Finding Tool” This story begins with a famous government agency, DARPA, wanting to test the effectiveness of the available tools/approaches to locate missing objects or individuals, i.e., pieces of downed aircraft, wanted criminals, or missing children. Because this task was so large in scope, it turned to a labor model growing in popularity …

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Emerging Talent Acquisition Trends For 2010: Are You Ready for a Roller Coaster? (Part III of III)

Action steps for handling the power shift There are four primary action steps that you should consider when the competition for attracting and retaining talent once again becomes intense for your organization: Jugaad is now required: The intense competition for candidates that occurs in a war for talent, coupled with dramatic and continuous changes in recruiting technologies, now require recruiters …

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Emerging Talent Acquisition Trends For 2010: Are You Ready for a Roller Coaster? (Part II of III)

2010, A Year of Turmoil and Churn in Business and the Economy The first group of talent acquisition trends will be driven by shifting economic and business cycles. The development of a global economy and the emergence of an expectation among business leaders and customers for continuous, rapid, and dramatic innovation in both products and processes creates a highly volatile …

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The Expanding Role of Recruiters in Strategic Talent Management

Presentation Date:  April 8, 2010 Producer:  TriState SHRM ( Event Type:  Conference Session Description: When the housing bubble burst and financial institutions around the globe started wavering, many in the recruiting profession felt that it was only a matter of time before throngs of recruiters were laid off as organizations attempting to weather the economic downturn shed every cost possible. …

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Talent Acquisition in 2010

Presentation Date:  January 13, 2010 Producer:  ERE Media ( Event Type:  Webinar Sponsor: Job Search Television Network ( Session Description: 2009 was a roller coaster year for many in talent acquisition. Despite continued turmoil impacting the global economy, the vast majority of organizations generated numerous hires and moved forward on a number of planned projects, albeit with tighter control on …

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