March 25 , 2019

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Countercyclical Hiring: The Greatest Recruiting Opportunity in the Last 25 Years

Being strategic always requires some degree of unconventional thinking. If you are a corporate recruiting manager and you are looking for an opportunity to have a strategic impact, you need to understand why today is literally the best time to be actively recruiting in at least the last 25 years. I’ll demonstrate why there is a confluence of factors that …

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Build an ‘Executive Referral Program’ to Supplement Your Executive Recruiting

Most corporate recruiting functions inexplicably restrict the effectiveness of their employee referral program by limiting senior management participation. Instead, recruiting directors should design a unique “executive referral program” that encourages executives to make referrals for your high-level openings. You might think a separate program is unnecessary because high-quality referrals should flow naturally from your executives as part of their job, …

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Need to Cut Labor Costs but Avoid Layoffs? A Checklist of Cost-cutting Options (Part 1 of 2)

When many organizations are faced with the need to cut labor costs, the approaches taken are generally unscientific and poorly researched. Many simply do what other organizations acting before them have already done. The decision-making seems almost whimsical, with the final option selection process akin to throwing darts. The end result of such whimsical action is well established; most labor-cost-containment …

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An Action Plan for Moving Executive Search Inside Corporations

For many organizations the time is right to build capability within the talent acquisition function to recruit executive level talent. Globalization combined with aging leadership demographics imply that a majority of organizations will need to recruit a record number of external leadership candidates in years to come, the cost of which would be prohibitive if traditional third party executive recruiters …

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The Benefits of Internal Executive Search and Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Make the Move

Now is the perfect time for organizations to bring executive search capability in-house. While the business case for this strategic shift has been clear for some time, ongoing cost-containment efforts combined with increasing demand for strategic staffing make now the perfect time to execute the shift and build out the tools/approaches needed. In many organizations, executive search fees consume double-digit …

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Workforce Planning to Enable Explosive Out-of-the-Box Growth

Breaking the “War For Talent” / War On Talent Cycle Most people in recruiting and talent management are just so busy that they don’t have time to step back and build programs or marshal line managers to participate in programs that successfully let them see the “big picture.” As a result, many organizations are just starting to emerge from another …

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Interview From Anywhere: Live Video Interviews Are Now a Best Practice (Part II of II)

Recording “Live” Video Interviews Provide Several Additional BenefitsNot all firms choose to record and keep their live video interviews, primarily due to technology limitations, cost, or privacy concerns (no candidate wants to find an embarrassing interview posted on YouTube). However, if you do record your interviews, there are several benefits that can accrue to your firm, including: Documentation — both …

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Interview From Anywhere: Live Video Interviews Are Now a Best Practice (Part I of II)

When it comes to video-conference interviews, organizations still have two options: high quality fixed facility interviews, and lower quality flexible location interviews. The latter requires only that the candidate have access to a decent broadband Internet connection and a low-cost webcam. When purchased in bulk, a number of webcams are available at prices less than $15 per unit. Based on …

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Speeding Up Rotations and Internal Movement for Development, Retention, and Profit (Part VI)

(Editor’s note: This is the sixth installment in Dr. Sullivan’s series. Here are Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V.) No matter how enthusiastic your employees are about participating in an internal movement program, they are bound to be somewhat frustrated if there aren’t a wide variety of assignments available for them to choose from. Even if you successfully excite your …

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