April 25 , 2019

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Speeding Up Rotations and Internal Movement for Development, Retention, and Profit (Part I)

There is little argument that job rotations, stretch assignments, and other forms of internal movement are some of the most effective development and retention tools available. While world-class organizations aggressively manage deployment for development purposes regardless of the economic state, such programs become universally popular when economies turn sour. When corporate revenues are down or stagnant, talent managers typically shift …

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Does Your Firm Have a Plan to Respond to Employee Issues Related to the Swine Flu?

Most corporate executives and HR professionals might think that the impending swine flu pandemic is strictly a public health issue, but if you are thinking that way, you would be wrong. It turns out that the impending swine flu pandemic is also a major corporate issue that needs to be addressed with decisive plans and clear communications. Fear surrounding the …

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Amazing Practices in Recruiting — ERE Award Winners 2009 (Part 2 of 2)

It has been an amazing year in recruiting and talent management. Despite severe economic hardships, budget cuts, and hiring freezes, recruiting functions have continued to innovate and stretch the limits of “standard recruiting.” After evaluating hundreds of applications, here is part two of the list of best practices in recruiting that I recommend you emulate. (This article was updated May …

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Amazing Practices in Recruiting — ERE Award Winners 2009 (Part 1 of 2)

It has been an amazing year in recruiting and talent management, despite severe economic hardships, budget cuts, and widespread hiring freezes. Unlike the economic turmoil following 9/11 and the dot-com bubble burst, many recruiting functions have continued to innovate and stretch the limits of what can be defined as “standard recruiting.” If you work in an organization that has given …

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Not All Employee Turnover Is Bad — Celebrate “Losing the Losers”

It’s hard to find a more misunderstood and mismanaged human resource area than employee turnover. Executives are constantly sounding off about how “bad” employee turnover is, but in some cases, employee turnover is actually a positive thing. Imagine, for example, that you had a poor-performing worker like Homer Simpson. If Homer walked in late one day as usual and announced …

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The Most Powerful Questions That Recruiting…Never Asks

More often than not, it is the simplest things in life and in business that produce the biggest impacts. Having spent more than 30 years analyzing corporate recruiting practices and strategy, I have noticed there are some rather basic questions that, if only posed, would have a profound impact on the effectiveness of most recruiting endeavors. Unfortunately, the questions are …

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Metrics for Assessing College-hire Effectiveness and ROI

It would be pretty hard to throw a stone in most HR organizations without hitting someone who manages an antiquated process. Despite significant changes in how people live, work, and play, many HR practices continue on as if they were operating in 1960. For years employment advertising specialists relied on channels with shrinking audiences, simply because that’s how it was …

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Managing Contingent Labor Strategically

For many in corporate staffing, contingent labor management is an unpleasant activity often relegated to the lowest-cost outsourced service provider the organization could find, mainly because no one internally wanted to deal with it. The work is largely considered mundane, process-oriented, and as a necessary overhead cost that provides little or no value. If you work now or have worked …

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HR Got Caught With Its Pants Down…Once Again!

Let me apologize upfront for this “rant” on HR’s failure regarding workforce planning, but I can’t think of another time where human resources as a profession appeared to be floundering to the point where it’s embarrassing itself. All you have to do is read the paper on a regular basis to see that many firms and their respective HR departments …

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