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Powerful Actions for Convincing Top Prospects to Apply in the Public Sector

In today’s highly competitive recruiting market, convincing public-sector recruiting prospects to actually apply for a job requires unique and powerful selling approaches. So if you’re tired of struggling to reach your recruiting goals, and you’re ready to abandon your traditional cookie-cutter approach, here are the most effective actions for encouraging …

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Preventing Racial and Other Offensive Slurs In The Workplace

Yes, the political brouhaha related to “the squad” and the President has implications within your workforce. First and for example, the EEOC has found that “go back” type comments are clearly discriminatory within the workplace (even though it may be tolerated in the political environment). Also, because of today’s politically charged environment, …

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Candidate Ghosting — Effective Tips for Minimizing This Growing Menace

Ghosting is an emerging issue in recruiting and has now been rated as the No. 1 challenge by nearly 6 percent of employers (Source: LinkedIn). Ninety-five percent of recruiters say they have experienced “candidate ghosting” (Source: iHire). This ghosting problem is likely to get worse because 40 percent of candidates now believe …

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