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Is It Finally Time for Corporations to Provide Applicants With Feedback?

One of the most powerful unanswered questions in recruiting is “Why are ‘not hired’ applicants and rejected candidates not provided with feedback?” Providing individual feedback in recruiting is almost nonexistent, even though giving feedback is a widely accepted practice in business. Firms take pride in providing feedback to their customers, …

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Questions & Answers

Answering your questions? John only responds to questions from Fortune 1000 ranked corporations and only if you use your corporate email address. Great questions along with the answers may be posted with the utmost confidentiality and anonymity. Your email address, name or corporate name will not appear. Ask a Question [accordion] …

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Try Using Employee Referrals for Filling Internal Openings

Everyone knows that employee referrals produce high-quality external hires, but what most don’t know is that employee referrals can also be used to improve internal movement and placement. This boost is often sorely needed because most corporate job posting and promotion processes are poorly designed and managed. Smart HR managers …

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