February 23 , 2019

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Recruitment Ad Agencies: Most Don’t Get It (How To Assess A Recruitment Ad Agency)

Since the war for talent began several years ago, corporate recruitment managers have been begging for help from “recruiting support” firms. Unfortunately, one of the key players in our industry, recruitment advertising agencies (RAA’s), have often failed to meet this new challenge. If you are currently considering selecting (or changing) a recruitment advertising agency, it’s important that you raise your …

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Meet the Author “Live”

I get numerous questions from readers like “What are you really like?” or “Do you speak in public?” Well, thanks to advances in technology and the Internet you can now see me “live” on your computer screen. The link below is to a webcast that was taped live at a Computerworld event earlier this year. The topic of my discussion …

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How To Measure The Quality Of Your Applicants (Before You Hire Them)

Managers are continually asking for a higher quality of candidate, while recruiters tend to focus on the cost or the speed of the hire. The quality of the applicant is clearly the superior factor. There are many ways to measure the quality of the applicants (before you hire them). Some of them include: They get at least one counter offer. If …

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Tell Them Where They Will Be In 2 Years (With a “Where You’ll Be” Profile)

One of the primary questions in the minds of candidates is “Where will I be two years from now?” Unfortunately, most recruiters and managers respond to that question with meaningless generalities like, “You’ll have lots of opportunities.” In fact, what candidates actually want is a realistic preview of where they are likely to go over the next two years if …

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The Future of Internet Recruiting

Because I am a professor (and don’t really “work”), I have lots of time to study and forecast the future. As a vendor, candidate, or recruiter, it’s vital to “look up” once and awhile and see where the world of e-recruiting is going, what will thrive and what will wither. If you have been following trends in the leading business …

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How The Sales Function Can Help A Firm’s Recruiting Efforts

“Recruiting is just sales with a crummy budget” is my favorite phrase in recruiting. Kind of funny, but also alarmingly true. Yet in most firms there is little or no interaction between the sales/marketing and the recruiting functions. What Is The Essence Of Recruiting? As a professor I’ve seen dozens of employment related books, most of which totally miss the mark. They …

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Put The Work Where The Talent Is: Part II

When there is a war going on, sometimes the smartest thing to do is to avoid the battle entirely and live where there is relative peace. In a similar light, if you are facing a shortage of talent, consider this strategy: put the work where the talent is already located, and avoid the battle for talent. Before the “war for …

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