July 20 , 2018

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News Flash – Recruiting Has the Highest Impact on a Firm’s Shareholder Value

Ever wonder why recruiting gets so little respect by top management? In my work (regardless of the size of the company or no matter what industry) I find that the reason that recruiting gets no respect is because it fails to quantify its impact (in dollars) on the bottom line! Recruiters regularly use relatively silly metrics to describe their successes. …

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Death By Interview

“Too much of a good thing is bad for you” is true for both “sweets” and for interviews. I was at Agilent Technologies the other day when one of their many talented HR reps described “over interviewing” with the accurate and humorous phrase “death by interview.” I laughed and I couldn’t have agreed more! Because of the threats of lawsuits, …

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Hire Them Both – A Package Deal

In a tight labor market, firms can gain a tremendous competitive advantage by breaking the old rules and acting differently from the average firm. Unfortunately it’s often quite difficult to get conservative HR departments to realize that the recruiting game has changed forever. And if you are going to get the best recruits, you have to stand out from the …

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Sharing Best Practices In Recruiting – Some Examples

There was a great response to my best practices request. Sorry, I couldn’t mention them all. This is a continuing process so if you do something innovative, please send it on to me at JohnS@sfsu.edu. REWARDS FOR SAME DAY HIRING – SUPERIOR BANK Our company, Superior Bank is a nationwide $2billion dollar sub-prime mortgage and auto lender. We have 2,000 employees. I …

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Your Firm’s Web Page Stinks!

A World Class Web Page Includes These Great Web Features (Listed by Category):Over-all features: Meets each of the goals set by the firm   It attracts quality applicants Prioritizes jobs and shifts web resources toward those key jobsAttracts “active” job seekers by being an “answer guy/ learning” site (Attracts employed top performers by): Giving them information about industry events Informing …

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The Only Recruiting Measure That Matters – Measure The Quality Of Your Hires!

Note – Let me be clear, the single most important thing you can do to improve ANY staffing function is to measure and reward the quality/performance of the people you hire. Everything else pales by comparison in changing the way you recruit! Most employment managers measure success in the wrong way. Looking at the cost of a hire, the number …

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Share Your Best Practices In Recruiting

During my visits with staffing managers I’m continually amazed at the number of innovations that firms are implementing in order to increase the impact of their recruiting efforts. Because I can’t visit every firm I am asking for your help in spreading the word about innovations in recruiting. As a result this week I am announcing a “share your best …

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