Recruiting Strategy

Do You Know That You Are Part of the Golden Age of Recruiting?

This “think piece” is designed to stimulate your thinking about the tremendous progress that the recruiting profession has made Few in recruiting realize that we are now experiencing The Golden Age of Recruiting. Yes, the highest level of sophistication in our long history. I reached this conclusion because as part …

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Boomerang Recruiting — Bring Back the Stars Who You Let Get Away

You could reduce the pain from today’s record turnover by getting some of your very best to return. And that’s often possible because 72 percent of past employees would return to the company if the opportunity arose and almost one quarter regret their decision to leave. And because the top reason for their …

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Why Your Firm Has a Talent Shortage Explained (Bluntly)

Most organizations that are facing a talent shortage blame a variety of external factors, even though the actual culprit is the way their firm recruits. Even without visiting your firm, I can guarantee that your recruiting process contains several of the following egregious “talent killing” flaws. The Top 8 Reasons …

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Candidate Ghosting — Effective Tips for Minimizing This Growing Menace

Ghosting is an emerging issue in recruiting and has now been rated as the No. 1 challenge by nearly 6 percent of employers (Source: LinkedIn). Ninety-five percent of recruiters say they have experienced “candidate ghosting” (Source: iHire). This ghosting problem is likely to get worse because 40 percent of candidates now believe …

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What’s Wrong With Hiring a Gig Workforce? Pretty Much Everything

What's wrong with hiring a contract worker. The gig economy has many issues. Source: Pixabay

The gig economy has become a hot workforce topic. However, despite the hype, the concept has numerous hidden management problems. Recently, executives have been drawn to the concept because of its lower benefits costs, but also for the scalability that a gig workforce provides (with the ability to quickly add …

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