March 24 , 2019

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04/27-29/2015 ERE Recruiting Conference

When: April 27-29 2015 Where: San Diego, CA I will have the great pleasure of speaking at the conference on: Strategic My A**… This Is What Strategic Recruiting Really Looks Like Wednesday, April 29, 2015 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Description “We have to be more strategic” is the most frequently used phrase in recruiting and talent management. Unfortunately, declaring …

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05/07/2015 High Performance Workforce Summit

When: May 7 2015 Where: Atlanta, GA I am honored to be a speaker at this event.  So don’t miss it!  Here is a preview of my session: On the Leading-Edge of High Performance: Silicon Valley’s Secrets to Creating the World’s Most Productive Workforces Thursday, May 7, 2015 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm Description It’s a fact that Silicon Valley …

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Improve Offer Acceptance Rates by Revealing the Quality of Your Team Members

Top candidates demand quality co-workers … so show them profiles of team members Imagine this recruiting scenario. During a final interview, one of your top tech candidates clearly appears to be wavering about whether she is willing to leave her current “pretty good job” and accept a possible new opportunity at your firm. Suddenly the hiring manager makes a bold …

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Hire Self-Motivated People — the Single Smartest Thing a Hiring Manager Can Do

How recruiters can become a hero of your hiring managers by dramatically reducing the number of hours that they have to spend motivating and watching their employees  If you are a corporate manager, you already know that you routinely spend a significant portion of your time trying to motivate your employees. On average, I estimate that encouraging, cajoling, and the …

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If Martian Executives Visited Recruiting … What Would They Find Missing?

It may seem like a strange proposition at first, but what if an experienced business executive who knew nothing about recruiting visited and took a snapshot assessment of your function? Obviously even a Martian executive would be able to quickly find and understand traditional recruiting functions like employer branding, sourcing, and interview processes. But what would they find missing? In …

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Ebola — Are Your Corporate Leaders Prepared for All Upcoming Employee Issues?

You might initially think that Ebola is only a medical issue, but corporate leaders, HR, and recruiting professionals should realize that the likely upcoming Ebola-related panic and anxiety will also negatively impact an organization’s employees and candidates. Take a moment to visualize this possible scenario where during the upcoming flu season employees will irrationally stress, panic, and avoid other employees …

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Recruit Top Prospects During Their ‘Angry Hours’ — Because Timing Is Everything

An in-depth analysis on how the right timing can dramatically improve recruiting In my experience, the hardest-to-recruit exceptional targets are those who I label as “no, and stop calling me” passive top prospects who simply won’t accept a recruiter’s call. Even though most recruiters will tell you that their lack of interest in changing jobs is unwavering, my research has …

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