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CEO Metrics for HR (1st draft): aka – questions from hell.

Don’t let CEOs read this, they might want answers! Most HR measurements miss the boat! Many HR departments say they are a “business partner” but few can provide any real evidence that they are having a strategic business impact. After years of studying CEO expectations of HR I’ve compiled a …

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Becoming an Employer of Choice®: a lofty goal

Employer of Choice® is a registered certification mark of Employer of Choice, Inc. If you believe that your company can qualify to be officially recognized as an Employer of Choice®, please visit or call Employer of Choice, Inc. at 1-888-290-4362. Definition of Employer of Choice®: An employer of any size in the public, private, or …

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e-HR – A Walk Through A 21st Century HR Department

As I enter the HR department I notice it’s distinctly different than when I retired as a VP of HR way back in 1998. It was quieter, smaller and had much less people than I had remembered. There were only a few HR staff people in the office – there …

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