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Create “A Forever Impression” With A Memorable Welcoming Package (A powerful candidate experience and preboarding tool)

Before a new hire starts, prove that you really are different with a “Memorable Welcoming Package.” Article Descriptors| Preboarding/Welcoming New-Hires – Its Benefits – 4 Min. Read What Is A “Memorable Welcoming Package”? A “Memorable Welcoming Package” (a.k.a. MWP) is a physical package that is highly memorable because it surprises …

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The 3 Powerful HR Metrics That Drive Action (That no one uses)

Hands Holding a Smartphone with Data on Screen

Most HR metrics are “so what metrics” because they don’t create a sense of urgency or drive action. In direct contrast, the metrics recommended here have been proven to spur action because they allow managers to easily see performance trendlines, what actions must be taken, and what problems are coming.  …

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Kathleen wraps up her conversation with Dr. John Sullivan, the globally known HR thought-leader who has been dubbed the “Michael Jordan of Hiring.” In part two, John shares why he’s not a big fan of resumes, what recruiters can look for to determine a candidate’s loyalty and resilience, and how long he expects the current talent shortage to last.

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