January 16 , 2019

Screening & Assessment

A Pre-Interview Questionnaire for Improving Candidate Screening

Pre-interview questionnaires can: Reduce the amount time that managers and recruiters must spend in interviews Allow you do reduce the number of interviews Give you insight into what types of activities they value the most (because preferences are forced) Allow the candidate to provide additional information and provide information specific for the job (since most resumes are not customized to …

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Checklist for Assessing a Director of Recruiting

With the economy turning around, it seems as though almost every major firms is beginning a search for a new director of recruitment or employment. But as a former chief talent officer, and as someone who advises firms on how to select the very best, I have found that most selection committees totally miss the boat when they screen and …

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The Recruiter’s Scorecard: Assessing the Effectiveness of Individual Recruiters

Whether you are a recruiting manager who is responsible for assessing your recruiters or just an individual recruiter who’s interested in how well you are doing, you need a scorecard before you can accurately assess effectiveness. Unfortunately, I have found through my work with corporations that over 90% make little or no attempt to assess individual recruiter effectiveness. The reason …

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Are You an Employer of Choice? Metrics for Assessing Your Progress

It has become common for firms to strive to become an “employer of choice” (EOC). Unfortunately, it’s easy to say that you have become an employer of choice, but in reality being an employer of choice is a difficult but measurable status to obtain. Here are some ways to assess how far you have come in the EOC sweepstakes. Note …

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Recruitment Ad Agencies: Most Don’t Get It (How To Assess A Recruitment Ad Agency)

Since the war for talent began several years ago, corporate recruitment managers have been begging for help from “recruiting support” firms. Unfortunately, one of the key players in our industry, recruitment advertising agencies (RAA’s), have often failed to meet this new challenge. If you are currently considering selecting (or changing) a recruitment advertising agency, it’s important that you raise your …

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When Assessing Talent, “Give Up Without A Fight”

Most recruiting is relatively straightforward and easy to understand. But there is one crucial aspect that is counterintuitive. That aspect is the ease of finding your new hires. It would seem logical that you would be happy when it is relatively easy to get candidates to say “yes” to your offers. In fact, the exact opposite is generally true. Top …

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