Screening & Assessment

Hyper-Personalization – The Most Effective No-Cost Way To Impress Candidates

Personalized recruiting to attract top candidates

Hyper-personalizing is the most effective no-cost way to impress candidates. It adds small personalized touches to make them feel special. Unfortunately, many recruiting organizations make candidates feel like they are “no more than a number” during down economic times. An alternative approach, that I call “hyper-personalized candidate actions,” can improve your chances of landing the hardest to hire candidates. This …

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Behavioral Interviews Are Dead – “How Will You Act Today” Is A Better Question

Behavioral interviews don't work. Ask about current or future problems for your HR process.

Behavioral interviews describe past behaviors. In our dramatically changed world, new-hires can’t be successful relying on outdated actions. Instead, they need to take actions that fit in today’s dramatically changed environment. So, recruiters and hiring managers need to be aware that behavioral interviews (the most commonly used of all interview tools) may no longer work. The historical actions that have …

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Hiring For Attitude – Target Those That Are “A Pleasure To Manage”

Hire a pleasure to work with employees

A manager’s time is limited, so only hire those that are “a pleasure to manage” because they respect a manager’s time. Yes, most new-hires are unknowingly a burden. They drain a great deal of a manager’s time as a result of having to be provided with continuous coaching and direction. However, because a manager’s time is severely limited in a …

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Rejecting Resumes With Spelling Errors: A Silly and Costly Hiring Mistake

When you analyze the data, it becomes instantly clear that screening out resumes because of spelling and grammar issues is a costly and antiquated practice. For example, many people simply assume that any job that requires writing can’t be successfully filled by someone who is a weak speller. That doesn’t explain why writers like Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and Austen all …

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Continuous Employee Background Checks May Now Be Required

What if one of your employees was arrested on an assault weapons threat, but you were unaware because you only check backgrounds at time of hire? How would a young mother employed at your firm react when she finds out that she was working alongside a recently convicted sexual predator? And, that the company made no effort to make her …

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Top 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Profiles Are Superior to Resumes

A fast and simple way to improve both your speed and quality of hire is to use LinkedIn profiles for your initial candidate screening. They are superior at this first assessment stage because they are more likely to be updated, accurate, and their uniform format makes side-by-side comparisons easier. By relying on LinkedIn profiles, you can begin your prospect screening …

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The Ultimate Guide for Finding Innovators — Use It to Jumpstart Corporate Growth

Even though increasing corporate innovation is almost always a top-five CEO goal, surprisingly few in recruiting realize that the highest business-impact action in corporate HR is the hiring of innovators. Innovator new hires make an immediate quantum difference in an organization’s performance, direction, and image. Top executives at firms like Google, Apple, and GE have calculated the tremendous “performance differential” …

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