The Most Read Talent Management Articles In 2022 – A Powerful Learning Opportunity

Your knowledge of best practices may be your strongest asset during the upcoming recruiter layoffs. However, during this hectic year of rapid change in talent management, I have found that many professionals have simply been overwhelmed. So they could find little time for their essential reading. To those who have committed to “catch-up” in their strategic reading, I have compiled a ranked list of my five most-read articles during 2022 and the top article that I personally recommend. These articles are listed below, along with a short summary and a hyperlink to the complete article.

My Top 5 Most Read Articles Published In 2022 (as measured by Google Pageviews and LinkedIn impressions).

  1. Amazon Recruiting – A Case Study Of A Giant Among Children – this compelling, comprehensive case study reveals the recruiting practices at this powerhouse “best in the world” recruitment function. And their recruiting industry-leading practices have continued to develop as they lead the way in replacing many of their human recruiters with AI-driven candidate assessment software. Here is the link to that case study. And here’s the link to Amazon’s latest AI best practice.
  1. The Untimely Death Of Workforce Planning – HR’s Most Costly Omission – the recent need for massive layoffs has resulted in a new term, “overhiring.” And this critical error can be directly blamed on nonexistent or weak workforce planning within the recruiting and talent function. This article highlights the many negative costs resulting from this “most common omission” and a best practice example. Here is the link to that article.
  1. Raise Your Credibility With Executives – Dealbreaker Phrases To Avoid – a long-term damaging problem within recruiting and talent management has been our inability to convince hiring managers and executives to fully support recruiting. A significant part of our failure to sell executives is the language that we use. This article covers a list of what I call “dealbreaker phrases.” Which are phrases that can instantly turn off executives and therefore lose both their financial and political support. Here is the link to that article.
  1. The Complete Guide To Blind Assessments – Hiding Bias Factors That Hurt Diversity – increasing diversity in recruitment is at the top of many lists of our strategic goals. Unfortunately, most of those goals are not being met. In large part because of hiring bias factors that can be significantly reduced by a practice known as “blinding.” This article lists the many ways that you can blind or hide hiring information that can directly lead to significant biases. Here is the link to that article.
  1. Quiet Quitting Isn’t Harmless… Action Steps For Eliminating Toxic Employees (And New Hires) Who Consciously Under-Work – many misled new hires quickly become frustrated, and as a result they practice what is known as “quiet quitting.” Which is where they consciously do only the minimum amount of work that is necessary to keep their job. This article highlights numerous ways that you can eliminate this harmful practice among new hires and employees. The link to this article can be found here.

My Most Impactful Article

My colleague Michael Cox and I have both selected and recommended one overall best “must-read article” in recruiting’s most critical developing area… metrics. The link to this article “The Only Metrics That Matter – Business Impact Metrics” can be found here. And a companion article for individual recruiters can be found here.

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