October 22 , 2018

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Stop Interviewing – Hold A Professional Conversation

Going to an interview is a daunting task — even the most qualified candidates have been known to sweat at the possibility. Often it is viewed by candidates as being equivalent to “going to the dentist,” so it’s not surprising that many firms experience a high “no show” rate for their interviews. If you are going to sell the candidate …

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The War For Talent Is Over – And Guess Who Won?

Companies everywhere are scrambling for talent. Dozens of magazines have called it a “War for Talent.” It certainly is a “war” where I work in the Silicon Valley, but the part of the story that you probably haven’t read is that in the Silicon Valley…the war for talent is already over! And guess who won? The candidates have won! What …

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Innovative Strategies for Identifying/Finding the Best College Students

Holding interviews at a career center might get you a lot of students, but probably not the best ones you need to attract. Finding the very best students is actually quite easy if you use a focused strategy. Here are some advanced strategies that are guaranteed to help you identify the cream of the crop: Hire “on campus” representatives (students …

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Developing A World Class College Recruiting Program

Have a shortage of talent? Why not reinvent college recruiting and make it a prime recruiting source? Unfortunately most college recruiting programs were developed in the 1950′s – long before the age of technology. Universities and students have changed dramatically in the last few years, but most college recruiting programs still focus on “going to career centers and career fairs.” …

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As a Manager – Why You Need to Pay Attention to Recruiting

Print This Out – and Give it to Your Managers The most common recruiting question I get whether consulting or speaking is “How to I get managers to pay attention to recruiting”? Well that answer is worth a million dollars. But today, courtesy of the electronic recruiting daily, you can have the answer for free. Print the following list and distribute …

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The Shelf Life of Resumes (Sit on resumes – lose the best candidates)

One of the dumbest things recruiters/managers can do is to “sit on” the resumes of top candidates for days without taking action. Yes, I know recruiters and managers are overworked, but one of the primary reasons that you are overworked is that you have to struggle with mediocre candidates because you lost the very best because you delayed taking action …

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Why People Accept And Quit A Job Made Simple: It’s Just Market Research

The two hottest issues in the Silicon Valley are the attraction and retention of top talent. I am often asked by very tired recruiters “what is the secret to getting them to say “yes” and in “keeping them” so I can get off of this “recruit, lose, and recruit again” cycle? The answer is easier than you think and it …

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Why Managers Should Do All Recruiting!

(or Why Recruiters Need To Take a Broader View of the Business) Managers need to do all recruiting. Yes at most firms, recruiters (or executive search firms) do most or all of the recruiting and there are many reasons they shouldn’t! OK, calm down fellow recruiters. You still have an important role to play but you have to take a broader …

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Are You A Dinosaur Recruiter?

(A checklist to help you assess whether you are ready for 21st century recruiting) The world of recruiting has changed dramatically over the last few years. Technology, low unemployment, globalization and other factors have turned the recruiting world upside down. Unfortunately many recruiters haven’t changed at all. Here is a checklist to help you assess yourself and see if you are …

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