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Convincing Reluctant Candidates on the Right Day

Right Days and Wrong Days to Offer Someone a Chance for a New Opportunity Wrong day: Any day during the week before a targeted individual is expected to hear about whether they got their expected promotion. Right day: The day after they were rejected for that promotion. Wrong day: The …

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Convincing Reluctant Candidates on the Right Day, Part 2

The six basic approaches required: Read business papers and magazines. The purpose is to identify when newsworthy companies have positive, negative, or dramatic business events. Watch the weather. Watch the weather channel and read the weather section of the newspaper to identify geographic areas where people are likely to want …

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December 2022 – A Unique Recruiting Opportunity That Can’t Be Missed (The right time in recruiting makes all the difference)

Don’t relax, because recruiting this December provides quality candidates and record-low competition. Yes, recruiting “at the right time” is a seldom-used strategic advantage among recruiting leaders. For example, most recruiters and hiring managers routinely “take the end-of-the-year holidays off.” First because they are exhausted. But also because they mistakenly assume …

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