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Why Your Firm Has a Talent Shortage Explained (Bluntly)

Most organizations that are facing a talent shortage blame a variety of external factors, even though the actual culprit is the way their firm recruits. Even without visiting your firm, I can guarantee that your recruiting process contains several of the following egregious “talent killing” flaws. The Top 8 Reasons Why Your Organization Has a Talent Shortage The following are …

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Preventing Racial and Other Offensive Slurs In The Workplace

Yes, the political brouhaha related to “the squad” and the President has implications within your workforce. First and for example, the EEOC has found that “go back” type comments are clearly discriminatory within the workplace (even though it may be tolerated in the political environment). Also, because of today’s politically charged environment, your workers are more aware, and they are likely to …

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Top 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Profiles Are Superior to Resumes

A fast and simple way to improve both your speed and quality of hire is to use LinkedIn profiles for your initial candidate screening. They are superior at this first assessment stage because they are more likely to be updated, accurate, and their uniform format makes side-by-side comparisons easier. By relying on LinkedIn profiles, you can begin your prospect screening …

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Candidate Ghosting — Effective Tips for Minimizing This Growing Menace

Ghosting is an emerging issue in recruiting and has now been rated as the No. 1 challenge by nearly 6 percent of employers (Source: LinkedIn). Ninety-five percent of recruiters say they have experienced “candidate ghosting” (Source: iHire). This ghosting problem is likely to get worse because 40 percent of candidates now believe it’s reasonable to ghost firms. And a whopping 28 percent …

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What’s Wrong With Hiring a Gig Workforce? Pretty Much Everything

What's wrong with hiring a contract worker. The gig economy has many issues. Source: Pixabay

The gig economy has become a hot workforce topic. However, despite the hype, the concept has numerous hidden management problems. Recently, executives have been drawn to the concept because of its lower benefits costs, but also for the scalability that a gig workforce provides (with the ability to quickly add talent for growth and to release it in a downturn …

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Why Your Employee Turnover Is Exploding – Explained By the Numbers

Note: This “think piece” is designed to get you to completely rethink your approach to retention. Turnover rates are the highest in a decade and your retention numbers aren’t likely to improve until you shift to a data-driven retention approach. This article will explain using numbers why so many firms that rely on intuitive decision-making are failing miserably at curbing …

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