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What’s Wrong With Reference Checks (Part 1)

Employment reference checking and background screening should win recognition as the weakest of all corporate HR processes. A validity meta-analysis study conducted by Aamodt & Williams in 2005 found that the corrected validity coefficient for reference recommendations and actual job performance was a staggeringly low .29. Despite the facts, 96% of …

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Championing Employee Referrals During Reductions in Force

The Important Role Employees Can Play In Acquiring Talent Whenever you want someone else to help you accomplish something, it makes sense to make the business case for them to do so.  Helping employees understand why their participation in the referral program is critical to the organizations recovery is key.  …

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Advanced Employee Referral Programs — Best Practices You Need to Copy


40 Practices That Distinguish Great from Average The following list is separated into eight categories, based on what the composite practices are trying to accomplish. Benchmark firms are highlighted in parentheses. Improving the Business Case for ERPs The best referral programs are well-funded because they have convinced business leaders and …

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