May 24 , 2018

Recruiting Tools

Candidate Abuse And Death By Interview: Some Solutions

As I discussed in Part 1 of this article series last week, candidate abuse during the interview and hiring process is becoming increasingly common, particularly because the economy is bad and jobs are scarce. As a result, companies have gotten arrogant about how they treat candidates. Candidates themselves have become more willing to take the abuse, because job scarcity puts them at ... Read More »

Candidate Abuse and Death By Interview

We frequently read about such things as animal abuse or alcohol abuse. But one of the least talked about forms of abuse that occurs on a daily basis is “candidate abuse” during the interview and hiring process. With the economy slow and jobs scarce, candidate abuse is increasingly common. Companies have become arrogant in how they treat candidates, and with ... Read More »

Outrageous Recruiting Tools, Continued: 17 More Outrageous Approaches!

My last article on outrageous recruiting approaches gathered several new ideas and a great number of comments. The comments came from three basic categories of recruiters: Executive recruiters. Executive recruiters thought that the whole “outrageous recruiting” argument was comical and that the tools proposed were relatively mundane.  Advanced corporate recruiters. Advanced corporate recruiters were enthusiastic. They noted that they currently use many of these ... Read More »

No-Cost Recruiting Tools

Times are tough all over, and recruiting budgets are approaching zero in many companies. But if you still need to recruit, here are my favorite “no cost” tools (many of which are covered in more detail in other ERE articles of mine). They are all intuitive, easy to use, and will cost you nothing other than your employees’ time.Finding and ... Read More »

Spice Up Your Application Forms: Add a Sales Sheet

Many firms use application forms for walk-in applicants. Unfortunately, most application forms were designed in the dark ages. Most current application forms are intended to be primarily used as assessment tools; however, they drastically need a second element…a sales element! So if you want to dramatically improve the number of application forms that actually get completed, attach a “sales sheet” ... Read More »

Be Prepared! “Resume Spamming” Is On the Way

You have heard of email spamming, but it’s time to get ready for “resume spamming.” Resume spamming is the process where applicants use Web technology to deluge a large number of company websites with “volume applications” for almost every job in the company. Think of it, the time is rapidly approaching when, with the push of a button, any person ... Read More »

Give Managers Comparison Offer Sheets to Increase Their “Closing” Success Rate

Most managers are not particularly good “salespeople” when it comes to “closing” candidates. Smart recruiting managers therefore provide their hiring managers with the tools necessary to improve their “closing” success rate. One excellent tool that can dramatically help managers improve their sales “approach” is a comparison offers sheet. What is a comparison offer sheet? A comparison offer sheet is a side-by-side comparison ... Read More »

Getting Managers to Pay Attention to Resumes: “Five Greats, No Uglies.”

Why don’t managers pay more attention to recruiting? Of all the questions I get from HR professionals, this is by far the most common. Managers often fail to put much time into recruiting for a variety of reasons. Why do managers fail to pay attention to recruiting? Delays by managers in screening resumes directly slows the time to fill a ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Effective Recruiting Tools

Recruiting is one of the least scientific of all business functions. Very few recruiting departments take that time to track which recruiting tools are the most effective. Some that are used frequently (like many newspaper ads) often produce mediocre hires, while other recruiting tools consistently work at finding top performers and convincing them to accept our offers. If you haven’t ... Read More »