“It’s the work (stupid).”

That is the gist of the answer that you get when you ask top performers, “What would attract you to a new job?”

If you were Picasso, wouldn’t you only be attracted to a new job if it provided you with the opportunity to “do the best painting of your life”? A 5-star high school athlete would only be attracted to a college where they would have the “best opportunity to perform at the highest level”. And an architect would only be attracted by the chance to do “the very best design work of their life”.

If you’ve ever been fishing, you already know that you can’t expect to land a “hard to catch” high performance fish like a Marlin with the same bait that you would use to catch an average fish. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to recruiting leaders that the secret to recruiting top performers is not to bore them with superfluous things like benefits, but rather to provide them with information they’re after – a vision on how they’ll be able to do the best work they’ve ever done.

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