I Learned Everything I Know About Great Talent Metrics…From Baseball

Many are shocked when I reveal that after 30 years of developing talent metrics, I have concluded that the best place to benchmark talent metrics isn’t a major corporation like Google or IBM, it is Major League Baseball. Ever since the book Moneyball came out, corporate and talent management leaders have been seeking out every opportunity to work with MLB to learn their metrics secrets and how to convert them for use incorporation. Now I realize that many in HR are resistant to “sports analogies”, but avoiding them, in this case, would be a huge mistake. If for no other reason, then because CEO’s love them. In my experience, CEO’s see little difference between the intense competition of the corporate world and competitive sports. In fact, the “manager of the century” Jack Welch has publicly stated that baseball is the perfect model for corporate talent leaders to follow. He reveals that business can learn a lot from sports in this powerful statement:

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I Learned Everything I Know About Great Talent Metrics…From Baseball



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