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Hit Your Competitors Where It Hurts — Adopt the Hire-to-Hurt Strategy

Access to this article is limited to fierce competitors  Most CEOs are fierce competitors. They love my strategy of “targeting your competitor’s top talent, because hiring them makes you stronger, while your competitors simultaneously get weaker.” It’s a two-for-one deal. You might assume that most corporate recruiting leaders share their …

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Hire to Hurt: the Boldest Recruiting Strategy of Them All

The recruiting function is unique among business functions because almost no one in recruiting can actually name even a handful of the different strategies that are available to the chief recruiting leader. But this article is not about the complete list of recruiting strategies, but instead, it is about which …

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Hire To Hurt: A High-Impact Recruiting Strategy

The world of business is highly competitive. Firms frequently introduce new products or run attack ads with the specific intention to hurt their direct competitors. It’s not unusual for managers to undertake deliberate actions to steal customers, force competitors to lower their prices, or even to capture prime retail locations. …

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