February 24 , 2018

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Outsourcing

What Exactly Is A Metric? Metrics are measures of output or results.  While some managers use "words" to describe results, metrics require the use of numbers to more accurately "describe" output or performance. When they are correctly developed, metrics take away all doubt about what was and was not accomplished and whether the program actually met its goals.  The types ... Read More »

Is Your HR Department Unwittingly A “Socialist” Institution

HR as Supporters of "Equal Pay" vs “Differential Pay” Capitalists learn that you must differentiate rewards in order to improve performance.  What is needed is not "reward them all equally" or "reward each according to their need,” but rather reward those that produce the best results.  In contrast, most compensation departments act like socialists when it comes to pay.  They ... Read More »

HR Lessons to be Learned from Sports — It’s All About Performance

Same situation but different results – An example Let’s start with a basketball analogy. First compare two teams that play in the same league and the same city, the L.A. Lakers and the L.A. Clippers.  If you compare the two teams you will find that both are exactly the same in that they: Have the same number of players Recruit ... Read More »

Clarifying the Strategic Role of HR

HR “work” can be classified into five distinct levels from the basic to the most strategic. Those levels include:   Level One –Information Management and Basic Transactions Every HR department must provide basic information, answer employee and manager questions and complete operational level transactions. These most would agree are the oldest and most elementary of HR services and include: Processing ... Read More »

HR Must Eliminate “Innovation Killers” Within Their Firm

I) – Factors, activities and events that can harm innovation There are many "corporate events" or actions that can impact a company's culture, processes and ways of doing business.  If HR is to help improve innovation in a corporation, it must identify the corporate events that are likely to have a negative impact on risk-taking and innovation driving activities.  After ... Read More »

How Should HR React in the Aftermath of Terrorism Events?

Below is a list of potential business issues that may arise as a result of the events:  Potential employee fears and anxiety Employees may fear working in (or even near) tall buildings, especially landmark or symbolic buildings. Employees will likely fear taking commercial airline flights, especially out of major airports. Some may even refuse to fly. Employees in the New ... Read More »

An Action Plan For The Anniversary of September 11th

There is no catchall answer as to the exact actions corporations should take. Whatever you do, it must fit your culture and situation.  Individual managers and corporations need to allow their people the time and the flexibility they need to reflect, mourn, or just work through any anxiety that might occur on or around that day.  Managers can begin the ... Read More »

Forecasting “Headcount Fat” in Order to Avoid Large Scale Layoffs

Why it's essential to avoid layoffs Laying off thousands of workers is not only embarrassing, it's also expensive. Because the company has invested thousands of dollars in recruiting and training these employees, it makes no sense to release them in large numbers. The negative publicity related to the lay off hurts the firm's image among potential customers and investors and ... Read More »


Summary Of The 10 Basic HR Strategies The 10 basic HR strategies or models are: Personnel Generalist Business Partner Call Center Outsourced Centers Of Excellence Self-Service Fact-Based Decision-Making e-HR Performance Culture Strategy Models Defined 1. Personnel Model Priority And Focus: Low costs, basic transactions and legal compliance.     Description: The traditional approach to HR and the most common strategy. ... Read More »

Helping Employees Handle The Stress of Heightened Terror Alerts

Why do you need to act? ·        present and potential employees will judge your firm based on your reaction to this issue ·        having stressed out or nervous employees coming in to work may actually be disruptive and actually be worse than letting them stay at home ·        even if workers do come in, breaking news and rumors during working ... Read More »


Why Candidates Are Dropping Out of Your Hiring Process

As seen on Yello (March 31, 2017) by Tracy Kelly. HR industry thought leader and professor of management at San Francisco State University, Dr. John Sullivan, says the cost to candidate withdrawal is real; the lost investment is a drain on team resources. Your online application is too complicated Sullivan reports that at Fortune 500 firms, 9 out of ten ... Read More »