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Comic novels – The Latest Innovation in Recruiting

The most critical aspect of recruiting is getting and building a potential candidate’s interest in your organization. There are a variety of media that you can use to reach your recruiting targets however; most corporations only take advantage of a limited range of the available options. The US military, in …

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Attract Reluctant Applicants by Compiling Your Selling Points

Many organizations struggle to get enough high-quality applicants. While corporate websites, job boards, and events generate lots of flow, most agree that the quality is lacking in a vast majority of applicants. The culprit might be how organizations sell their opportunities. A quick scan of major job boards, print advertisements, …

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Cost of Vacancy Formulas for Recruiting and Retention Managers

Calculating the cost of a vacancy (COV) is a critical activity, one that’s necessary to determine the actual business impact of talent shortages that result from a gap between the time talent is needed and the time required by the recruiting function to supply such talent. As a metric, it …

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