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[WEBINAR] Motivating Employees to Produce Higher Quality Referrals

Meeting Description: During this highly interactive session, Dr. John Sullivan will provide you with tips, action steps, best practices and he will also answer your individual questions during the webinar. If you’re striving to “re-energize” your current program or to start a new one, you can be assured that you …

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[Webinar] – Employee Referrals: Advanced Approaches

Date/Time: Thursday, February 27, 2014, 2:00 pm ET Duration: 60 minutes Registration: Register for this free webinar Exceptional Practices That Will Elevate Your Referral Program To Elite Status   If you have been operating a corporate employee referral program (ERP) for a while and now you’ve decided that it’s time …

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‘Friends of the Firm Referrals’ — Expand Referrals to Non-Employees

There is an emerging recruiting trend where traditional employee referral programs are being expanded to allow non-employees to submit referrals. I call these variation “friends of the firm” referrals (FOF) because it expands the number of individuals who are looking for top talent for your firm beyond the traditional employee …

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