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Selecting Your Employment Strategy: Possible Suggestions

Imagine the head of the function that has one of the most strategic impacts on the business not even having a name for their own business strategy? Many employment functions operate strictly on day-by-day ad hoc basis. As a result recruiters and managers often do not know the focus or “theory” behind their firm’s (or their competitors’) employment strategy. If there is an employment “plan,” it is usually headcount-based rather than being focused on giving the firm a competitive talent advantage over its direct competitors. This lack of focus and direction frequently contributes to the “talent” shortage many firms are facing. Having studied dozens of employment functions I’ve compiled a list of the range of corporate-wide strategies that are available to firms. These strategies are seldom used alone and are often part of plan that has 2-5 program elements/ combinations. It is no longer acceptable for an Employment function just to be reactive to open requisitions and being satisfied with putting “butts in chairs hiring.” If an employment department is to be successful it needs to have a strategy that: Read More »

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