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Forget the Daughter?Bring a “Friend” To Work!

Developing a “Bring a Friend To Work Program: Many companies have adopted programs like bring your daughter/son to work. These are fine programs, but they “miss the boat” as recruiting efforts because unfortunately most “daughters” are too young to be viable candidates! A more strategic approach, which can have an immediate impact on recruiting, is a “bring a friend to work” program. The premise is simple?a firm needs to get candidates “in the door” if they are going to have a real chance of “closing the sale.” Car dealers and realtors have used this strategy for decades. A “bring a colleague or friend to work program” gets potential candidates to come to your facility (to “test drive the car” or to “see the house”) and talk to your team. It targets employed, “passive” job seekers that wouldn’t actively apply for the job, but might come to an event to see what it’s like where “my friend” works. Bring a friend to work is a “high-touch” variation of the traditional employee referral program. Read More »

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