Screening & Assessment

What’s Wrong With Reference Checking? Pretty Much Everything (Parts 1 & 2)

Employment reference checking and background screening should win recognition as the weakest of all corporate HR processes. A validity meta-analysis study conducted by Aamodt & Williams in 2005 found that the corrected validity coefficient for reference recommendations and actual job performance was a staggeringly low .29. Despite the facts, 96% of …

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Think Piece: The Only Competency That Will Matter Is Continuous Learning

Characterizing the Last 20 Years While the adoption of technology has certainly been a major driver of change, there are ultimately four characteristics that define the business environment of the last two decades. Those characteristics are: Continuous churn — frequent cycles of both rapid economic growth and contraction that forced …

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Using a Pre-Interview Questionnaire to Improve Your Screening Process

Resumes Can Easily Mislead The resume is a commonly used source of information. Unfortunately, the candidate's resume omits any negative information because, by design, all information contained in a resume is self-reported. In addition, because there is no standardized resume format, candidates can, willingly or unwillingly, leave out key information …

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