Attitude Fraud — An Employment Culture “Crime”

As seen on Crowdstaffing by Casey Enstrom (August 15, 2017).

A hot dog restaurant in California made the news this weekend for firing one of its employees, Cole White, after learning that he had participated in the violent, tragic white nationalist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left three dead and dozens injured. A spokesperson for Top Dog, the Berkeley eatery, said management had been alerted to a photograph circulating across the Internet, showing White brandishing a torch at the gathering of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, as reported by the Charlotte Observer.

As Dr. John Sullivan explained in his latest article, “attitude fraud” has emerged as a growing challenge for talent acquisition professionals. He further asserted that, in his experience, it’s become one of the primary reasons why 46 percent of all new-hires fail within 18 months. Sullivan defined attitude fraud as “candidates with an undesirable attitude” who “purposely deceive and act as if they have a great one to get hired.” Some recruiters, he lamented, do little to detect and avoid it. Yet even extremely savvy recruiters have trouble spotting it. And that’s not necessarily their fault.

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