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Performance Turnover

The Cost of Turnover may be higher than you think Performance Turnover Try using “Performance Turnover”, a measure I developed in our retention work, in lieu of the traditional turnover calculation. We have used it in a variety of configurations but it works something like this. Start with the assumption …

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The Right Way To Measure Turnover

When the economy turns around next year, retention will almost instantly go from being a non-issue to a major issue. But because most HR departments currently miss the boat when it comes to measuring and reporting turnover, they are likely to compound the increased turnover problem by underreporting turnover and …

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What is the Ideal turnover rate

There are many opinions about what is the “ideal” turnover rate. Here is how a CEO might look at it. Voluntary turnover should be zero for the top 10% of our best performers.Turnover should be 100% for the bottom 10% (our Worst performers).Voluntary turnover should be zero for the key jobs and key competencies …

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