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Managers Are Hoarding Talent: A Hidden Problem That’s Likely Hurting Your Firm

Expediting the transfer of employees among diverse business units allows a firm to develop and retain employees, while simultaneously increasing the cross-pollenization of ideas and the transfer of best practices. Unfortunately, I find that executives at every large organization I have visited consistently complain that this beneficial movement simply doesn’t …

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Succession Plans – A Checklist For Measuring Their Effectiveness

Part A Measures Group 1 – Basic plan usage factors: The target audiences for a succession plan are those managers that are responsible for making promotion and lateral transfer decisions for leadership jobs that are covered by the plan. A succession plan can’t be successful if it’s not distributed, read …

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Strengthening Your Leadership Bench with External Succession Planning, Part 2

Beyond this commitment, what follows are the major steps: 1. Make the business case for external succession planning. The first step is to present arguments to your senior leadership about the need for including external talent and development opportunities in your succession plan. Generally that means documenting current development problems/shortages, …

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