May 21 , 2018

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A Missed Opportunity – Failing To Use References For Recruiting Top Talent

Most know references to be a tool for checking a candidate’s background, but it’s important to realize that reference related factors can also be one of the simplest, cheapest and effective areas for identifying top candidates. Even the best corporations that excel at recruiting routinely fail to realize that references and the reference process itself can be powerful sources for ... Read More »

Why Not Start the New Year by Doing Something Strategic in Talent Management?

  The Top 15 Potential Strategic Actions to Consider in Talent Management If you’ve decided to stop fighting fires and to do something major with a strategic impact, here is a list of possible programs and actions that you should consider. Increase the productivity of your workforce – workforce productivity is merely comparing the output of your entire workforce (the ... Read More »

The Business Case for Hiring College Grads — 32 Reasons They Can Produce a High ROI

  The Business Benefits of Hiring Recent College Grads The benefits are split into two categories 1) benefits to individual hiring managers and 2) benefits that may accrue to the entire firm over time. Note that the possible outcomes listed here are based partially on generalizations that cover many but not all top college hires. Shorter-term Benefits of Hiring College ... Read More »

Best Practices in Recruiting — ERE Excellence Awards 2010 (Part 4 of 4)

Winner — Sodexo USA If one were to look at the recruiting practices of the U.S. region of this integrated global food and facilities management services provider with over 110,000 employees, you wouldn’t guess that its function was only a few years old. Like many organizations, Sodexo experimented with outsourcing the full scope of its recruiting activities in 2004, opting ... Read More »

2010 Talent Acquisition Trends Webinar: Q & A on Recommended Action Steps

Prepare action step outlines — it’s not necessary to complete a detailed written plan for every possibility, but you should prepare an action outline highlighting the key steps that you would take for the most likely upcoming events. Develop these steps using if-then scenarios (i.e. if this happens, then we will take these actions or steps). Prioritize jobs — because ... Read More »

Crowdsourcing: A Red-Balloon-Finding Contest Shows the Future of Recruiting

A Contest to Identify the Most Effective “Finding Tool” This story begins with a famous government agency, DARPA, wanting to test the effectiveness of the available tools/approaches to locate missing objects or individuals, i.e., pieces of downed aircraft, wanted criminals, or missing children. Because this task was so large in scope, it turned to a labor model growing in popularity ... Read More »

Understanding the Available Social Media Recruiting Strategies — Leveraging Your Employees’ Time (Part 1 of 2)

Social media presents progressive organizations with a plethora of recruiting-centric opportunities. Every day, new ways to directly source talent, support the engagement of people with the organization, market employment opportunities, and influence the employer brand arise. The sheer volume of potential directions to follow is confusing, daunting, and at times, just plain overwhelming. While some organizations have stuck a stick ... Read More »

Understanding the Available Social Media Recruiting Strategies – Leveraging Your Employees’ Time (Part 2 of 2)

Last week I introduced this series by stating that a majority of social recruiting initiatives currently in progress in organizations around the world would fail primarily because they relied solely on the limited resources of the recruiting function to establish visibility online, engage an audience, and service that audience throughout a multi-stage conversion cycle. This week my attention turns to ... Read More »