April 22 , 2019

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Top 5 Small-Business Posts of 2016 from the WSJ’s Experts Blog

As seen on The Wall Street Journal. Dr. John Sullivan makes the Top 5 Small Business Post for 2016. (January 23, 2017) How can small-business owners find the best candidates for the job, and then select the right finalist? How can they coach those hires through hard times on the job? And how can they infuse their businesses with the …

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10 Ways to Show Investors Your Startup Has Good Management

(Originally published in the WSJ Experts January 29, 2016 6:30 a.m. ET) 10 Ways to Show Investors Your Startup Has Good Management JOHN SULLIVAN: Entrepreneurs must realize that when venture capitalists select new investments, the management team is the most important criterion. Cass Business School research found that an effective management team was number one, followed by strong market drivers and a unique, …

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A Simple Tool for Small Businesses to Retain Employees

  As seen in the Wall Street Journal The Experts (Dr Sullivan is a member of the panel of experts). When a key employee quits, it’s a gut-wrenching experience for most small-business owners. That single loss will likely result in a significant performance drop for the firm because that lost employee might represent an entire function. The drain will last …

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The Secret to Hiring the Best Employees at a Small Business

August 24, 2015 Wall Street Journal By Dr John Sullivan Smaller firms have one advantage over their larger rivals, and that’s the knowledgeable and personalized service provided by their passionate employees. In fact, employee friendliness, knowledge and empathy may be the primary reason why your customers return. Yes, employees are “the face of your business”; because they are often the …

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