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[PODCAST] Looking for Work Has Changed Forever — Here’s Why

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we look for work. But how long will those changes last, and what do they mean for the future of job search? According to Find Your Dream Job guest John Sullivan, the changes are permanent and you need to be prepared to adjust your strategy. John shares how to show potential employers that you are …

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Paid Interviews — Power Shift: How Employers Are Attracting Interviewees

As seen on Dice Insights on 10/3/2018 by Leslie Stevens-Huffman. With tech unemployment hitting notable lows, employers are realizing that the balance of power has shifted toward tech candidates, requiring a new approach to interviewing and hiring. “Given the difficulty of getting candidates to interview, employers are having to take a long-term view of the recruiting process,” explained Dr. John Sullivan, …

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Your Resume Is Boring — And How to Increase Your Career Opportunities

Over a decade ago, Fast Company magazine dubbed me the “Michael Jordan of hiring,” so if you want to have a resume as powerful and effective as Michael Jordan’s actually is, consider each of the checklist items that follow. Bolster the Content of Your Resume While an unusual format may garner a few seconds more of attention, it may also …

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