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Talent Hoarding – Can Reduce The Huge Hidden Costs Of Layoffs (A surgical approach for identifying those to be released)

Shareholders should be outraged when their execs use broad layoffs, which have a painfully low ROI. In fact, along with M&A actions, a large-scale layoff may have the most disruptive business impacts of all talent actions. So as an alternative, I recommend a “gradual and surgical release” alternative approach, which can reduce labor costs without disrupting workforce productivity. You might …

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The Downturn Is Coming – So Monitor These Factors That Predict Upcoming Layoffs (A checklist for predicting when layoffs will occur at your company)

Minimize your own “employment insecurity issues by predicting when your company will lay off. A smart employee knows what to look for and, with little effort, identifies the many warning signs that reveal when a layoff plan is receiving serious consideration. And with early warning, the employee will have enough time to take the necessary actions to help minimize any …

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