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Google Continues to Innovate in Recruiting and Candidate Assessment

There’s no doubt about it: Google is one of the most innovative recruiting organizations on the planet. I’ve written in the past about some of their world-class practices, but in light of recent innovations and global news interest, an update is in order. In less than nine years, Google has grown from a tiny dorm-room entity that couldn’t attract anyone …

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A Case Study of Google Recruiting

“Disruptive Technology” and Strategic “Disruptive Recruiting” Google, through its branding, PR, and recruiting efforts, has made itself so well known and attractive to professionals from every industry and university that they have essentially changed the game of recruiting forever. If you know anything about technology, you know that people in the field use the term “disruptive technology” for technologies like …

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A Case Study of Google Recruiting, Part 2

Google has plans to nearly double its workforce, growing from approximately 5,000 employees to 10,000 employees in the near future. The recruiting structure that they have designed to enable such growth is, like most successful recruiting organizations, primarily a centralized operations model.

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