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The Top 5 Talent Surprises That Could Spoil Your 2017

It’s hard to think of an exception to the rule that “it’s always better to be prepared than surprised.” As a result, most professionals do read end-of-year projections (e.g. 2017 trends) because they help them view and prepare for the future. But unfortunately, when you only track these micro-trends, you might …

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Lies, Deception And Gut Feelings … No Wonder Hiring Fails Half The Time

he Top 7 Reasons Why Your Process Continuously Produces Hiring Failures Unexplainably, few in corporate recruiting attempt to measure the failure rate of new hires from their external hiring processes. However, those who have done the research (i.e. Harvard Business School, The Corporate Leadership Council, and LeadershipIQ) have found that the …

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Corporate Recruiting: Action Steps During a Recession

Anyone who has worked in corporate recruiting for any period realizes they work in a profession that has dramatic up-and-down cycles. Unfortunately, the down cycles following rapid growth tend to be the harshest. Who can forget the literal “implosion” of world-class recruiting functions like those at Cisco, Nortel, and Trilogy …

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