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Raise Your Credibility With Executives – Dealbreaker Phrases To Avoid (Part 2 of 2)

A Think Piece – a new language for HR, “Speaking With Dollars and Data” and avoiding turnoff phrases. The goal of this article is to provide direction to HR professionals who want to learn how to impress and build credibility with their executives. By making presentations that include more dollars, data, and numbers. And that completely avoids “dealbreaker words” like …

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The Only Metrics That Matter – Business Impact Metrics (A comprehensive example covering the business impact metrics for the compensation function)

The only HR metrics that execs don’t consider to be dreaded “so what metrics” are bus. impact metrics. A Think Piece – for getting HR leaders to begin adding business impact metrics. Few within HR realize it. A whopping 70% of all variable business costs can be expended on employee compensation and benefits. Yet despite being literally the most costly …

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Outsourcing

What Exactly Is A Metric? Metrics are measures of output or results.  While some managers use “words” to describe results, metrics require the use of numbers to more accurately “describe” output or performance. When they are correctly developed, metrics take away all doubt about what was and was not accomplished and whether the program actually met its goals.  The types …

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