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The Right Way To Measure Turnover

When the economy turns around next year, retention will almost instantly go from being a non-issue to a major issue. But because most HR departments currently miss the boat when it comes to measuring and reporting turnover, they are likely to compound the increased turnover problem by underreporting turnover and …

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Retention: Can Your Turnover Rate Be Too Low?

During tough economic times, it’s easy to retain workers. Even the top performers are focusing on maintaining their job security, so they aren’t going anywhere. In fact, no one is leaving or even looking. But it’s also easy to get lackadaisical about turnover, because traditionally the topic only comes up …

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Why employment is a strategic function – The business impacts of bad hiring.

1/3 of salary is way too low for critical jobs. A bad "hire" can cost you millions if they lose a great customer or make bad decisions. The Quaker CEO cost them 1.4 BILLION on the sale of Snapple alone. Now that's a bad hire! (Ask any sports team what is the cost of a bad 1st round draft pick that leads the team to a losing season and then must be let go in a year or two!)

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